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     Volume 4 Issue 61 | September 2, 2005 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am a 19-year-old boy studying at a reputed university. I love a girl very much and want to be with her after finishing my studies. In a few days, I will be going to Australia for higher studies. I will probably be back in three or four years. We have been friends for a long time. I think she loves me too, but I haven't been able to tell her about my plans yet. How can I tell her about them and make sure she will wait for my return?

Dear SJ,
Well, the best way to tell her is to be direct. But just be aware, four years is a long time and nothing can be guaranteed. Your love might grow during the separation but there is also the chance that it might fade. So be prepared and keep your communication open. If you really love each other then this might culminate into something as serious as marriage.

Dear Mita,
I am a second year English student at SUST. I'm always very determined to come first in class but I always forget my determination before my exams and don't get good results. Please help me find a way to fulfil my ambitions.

Dear PKR,
I am sure you do not need me to tell you that losing your determination when it matters most will not take you anywhere in life. I cannot find you a way to fulfil you ambition, only you can do it. There is no short cut to success, remember that. You will have to pull up your socks and get down to your books. That is the only way.

Dear Mita,
I'm 21 and studying Honours at National University. I'm second of three siblings. My father is a government employee. My family and relatives have great trust in me. Some time ago, I got involved with a man who used to be my best friend. We are deeply in love. He is studying third year Honours at Dhaka University. The problem is that we are of the same age and he is not yet established and my parents won't accept our relationship. My parents are looking for qualified suitors for me. I can't think of anyone except the man I'm in love with. I love him more than my life. I have my parents on one side and my love on the other. What should I do?

Dear FS,
If you are really serious about this person then your parents cannot stop you. They will eventually accept him but he has to prove that he is worthy of your love. Both of you must now concentrate on your studies and your careers. Once you are financially independent your parents will have no objection. Meanwhile you must tell your parents firmly that you will not marry anyone else but will wait till the person you love is established and ready to marry you.

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