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     Volume 4 Issue 64 | September 23, 2005 |

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Dreams seen through the lens

A photographer is one who paints with light, who represents through a powerful medium, the complex world we live in. Photography is an international language; it is the art and science of technology that can communicate ideas effectively even to an illiterate person.

It was to explore this language that the amateur photographers of Khulna University began their journey in April 2004. They involved students from every department, motivating them to participate in outings and workshops. Some members of the Khulna University Photography Society (KUPS) shared their cameras and other instruments with those interested in the art. Choosing some excellent sites in Khulna, Jessore, Bagerhat, Rajshahi, Dhaka and Chittagong, the KUPS photographers took pictures regularly. After getting a lot of positive feedback from the university students -- especially the students of architecture who shared their ideas on basic photography, framing and composition -- the KUPS felt the need to exhibit their one year's worth of work. From September 15 to 17, they held a photography exhibition at the university, displaying the work of their club members.

"We are the first to have held such a big event in Khulna City," says Mahtab Hussain Siddique, president of KUPS. Despite many difficulties, the event was a success, he says, and was highly appreciated by not only the students of Khulna University, but from other universities as well, along with immense support from renowned photographers from around the country. "More importantly," says Siddique, "this exhibition helped bring the world of abstract photography to many young school- and college-going students. We hope that, with more such exhibitions in the future, we can help people see, through our lens, the dream of a perfect Bangladesh."

--SWM Desk

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