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     Volume 4 Issue 64 | September 23, 2005 |

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A Taste of South Asia

1.What is the name for the Korean rough equivalent of a geisha?
2.What form of Buddhism is dominant in Vietnam?
3.What period fell between the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution in China?
*Three Lean Years
*Land Reform
*100 Flowers Movement
4.Who was the mythological first emperor of China?
*Green Emperor
*Golden Emperor
*Jade Emperor
*Yellow Emperor
5.What letter roughly means either 'uncle' or 'Mr.' in Burmese?
6.Which is not a major ethnic group of Singapore?
7.What is the Romanized Vietnamese alphabet called?
*Quoc Ngu
*Thanh Hanh
8.What is the Thai version of the Hindu Ramayana called?
*Nang Sida
*Phra Ram
9.What was the name of the supreme council of the Burmese state during the time it was a kingdom?
10.What is the name of the unusual lake in central Cambodia?
*Ban Biao
*Pas Phol
*Tonle Sap
*Flo Daw
11.What was the first Southeast Asian city of modern times to achieve a population of 1 million?
12.What is the name of the epic Vietnamese poem written by Nguyen Du in the early 1800s?
*Long nghi thai gap
*Luc lac phuong hai
*Doan truong tan thanh
*Nguyen Du thai ngoi
13What or who were the 'negeri'?
*A cannabalistic tribe of New Guinea who have disappeared
*Sultanates in Malaysia and Indonesia
*Small farm implements used for rice cultivation
*The provincial elite of Malaysia during British rule
14.What was the name of the Vietnamese communist party in the South?
*Viet Muong
*Viet Minh
*Viet Cong
*Viet Thanh
15.What was the name of the Thai ruler who skilfully negotiated with the British to keep Thailand under self-rule?
*Rama I
*Ang Eng

Though not viewed as a respectable job, the kisaeng were admired for their skills in art and music.
3. Three Lean Years.
The 'Three Lean Years' occurred roughly from 1961-1963. The other three choices all occurred prior to or during the Great Leap Forward.
4. Yellow Emperor
5. U
As in...U Thant and U Nu
7.Quoc Ngu
8. Ramakian.
The first complete written version was completed during the reign of the great Siamese king Rama I in 1797.
10.tonle Sap
12. Doan truong tan thanh
This poem is more popularly known as the 'Kim Van Kieu' after the names of the 3 main characters.
13. Sultanates in Malaysia and Indonesia
14.Viet Cong
15. Mongkut
He's also the king depicted in the film 'The King and I'!


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