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     Volume 4 Issue 66 | October 7, 2005 |

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Ektaar Music
A Bangla Folk Revivalist Label

The recording company on its third anniversary declares war against piracy

Faizul Khan Tanim

On the evening of a rain filled October 1, traffic around road 80 of Gulshan-2 was unusually heavy. Sporadic sound checks from Blue Grass Café hinted at the treat ahead: folk music in a contemporary ensemble. Ektaar Music, a giant in the recording business with a folk-revivalist label was about to launch two brand new albums on the occasion of their third anniversary.

Ektaar music's prominence was first felt with the riveting CDs of Bangla's Kingkortob-bobimurho and Pothik Nobi in 2002. The legacy of success continued with a series of titles from Habib, Arnob and more. On its fourth year of exisence, the label seemed to have created a positive impression with its album releases and anniversary events. In one word it was entertaining!

The two new albums were added to the existing roster of hits of the giant label with Jatra's Dimatrik and Milon Mahmood's Dhyan, which were played on and off to entertain the huge turnout.

The label's managing director Feisal Siddiqui Bogey made the major announcements. It was known that Habib's Hits Collection and band Renaissance had won laurels in Citycell-Channel i music awards 2004. A very popular track of the band Renaissance, Aj jay shishu was included in a CD produced by UNICEF.

The announcement was followed by introducing members of the popular bands working under Ektaar's banner.

Ektaar also announced its decision to curb audio piracy, especially in countries around the world where the label's CDs are very popular amongst the Bangali community.

Members of Amadergaan.com (AG), one of the leading music portals, Runayya Noor Nabila, Naim and Alif Alauddin introduced the new e-store of the website. AG, promotes Bangladeshi music across the globe and Sound Machine Ltd, a major sound equipment provider signed an agreement with Ektaar Music Ltd during the event.

Under the agreement, amadergaan.com will have exclusive rights from Ektaar Music to electronically distribute its audio music albums as Mp3 (MPEG Audio layer 3) format through the Internet.

Bangla music enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to listen to all the latest albums of Ektaar Music by simply downloading the Mp3 versions of the albums from the music store of amadergaan.com at a cost of US $1.5. This will make Bangladeshi music more accessible to a wider audience.

As this is done, all three organisations--amadergaan.com, Ektaar Music Ltd and Sound Machine Ltd will work side by side to minimise music piracy in the market and protect the rights of artists and record labels as well as promoting Bangladeshi Music throughout the world.

After the AG presentation, there was a sudden burst of teenage screams and cheerful applause from his, popping colourful lights complemented by sounds of thunder and the appearance of bands and singers onstage created an electrical ambience.

Renaissance rocked and jazzed up with their music from past. Soon everyone started humming and tapping their feet to popular tracks like Aj jay shishu and new songs rendered by Bangla. That was followed by an impressive performance by Milon Mahmood from his latest album, the ever-emotional latest sensation Din gelo by Habib and boogie tracks by Shahed. Other artists like Shahana, Hyder Hossain, Sandipan and Labik from the band Ajob later took the stage -- all nurturing emotions of different genres.

Usually gigs in these Ektaar events continue well after midnight and this one was no exception. Although the performances were informal but were in fact carefully rehearsed.

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