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     Volume 4 Issue 66 | October 7 , 2005 |

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Colonies and Territories

1. This island is France's last dependency in North America. Oh, and Canada challenged France's sole claim over it. What is this island colony?
*St.-Pierre and Miquelon
2. What British colony, founded in 1713, is only 6-square-kilometres, but one of the best known colonies in the world thanks to its Spanish neighbour?
Answer: (One Word)
3. To what island was Napoleon sent in exile?
*St. Pierre
*St. Helena
4. What country lets the Cook Islands self-govern, but has free association with the islands?
*New Zealand
*Papua New Guinea
*Solomon Islands
5. Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Baker, and Jarvis Islands are all owned by which independent nation?
Answer: (The territories are clues)
6. What is the capital of the Isle of Man?
*St. Helier
7. What territory went from Norwegian Viking control to official Norwegian control in the 1200s to Danish rule in the 1300s, back to Norway in the 1800s and finally back to Denmark in 1814?
Answer: (Erik the Red)
8. What island, which is an overseas department of France, has been disputed over Comoros?
*Wallis and Futuna
9. Which of the original countries who controlled the Guineas is not included: United Kingdom and France?
*The Netherlands
10. Basutoland was a British protectorate. What is its current name?
Answer: (One Word)

11. What is Portugal's 'Hong Kong' to China? e.g. What is Portugal's only territory in China?
Answer: (One Word)
12. What is the capital of the Faroe Islands?
13. The Western Sahara is the territory of what nation?
Answer: (One Word)
14. Putting aside the Antarctic Treaty, what country claims the South Pole?
*United Kingdom
*United States
15. What is the capital of the Northern Mariana Islands?
16. Out of the choices below, what is the only territory not owned by Japan, either now or in history?
*Both Koreas
*Ryuku Islands
17. Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean belongs to what nation?
Answer: (One Word)
18. Montserrat is an external territory of what nation?
*United Kingdom
*United States
*The Netherlands
19. What island territory broke off from another island group territory named the Netherlands Antilles?
Answer: (one word)
20. The commonly referred to atoll named Bora-Bora is actually a territory of what independent nation?
Answer: (One Word)

1.St.-Pierre and Miquelon.
St.-Pierre and Miquelon was settled by cod fisherman in 1604. It covers 93-square-miles on eight islands. Its 7,000 citizens depend mainly on fishing and petroleum.
2. Gibraltar.
Despite its small amount of space, Gibraltar contains about 25,000 residents who depend on tourism, construction, and a naval repair yard for their income.
3. St. Helena.
This British colony comprises of St. Helena, Ascension Island, and Tristan da Cunha. Fishing and handcrafts are its major industry. It's home to 7,000 citizens.
4. New Zealand.
The islands attribute their name to Captain James Cook who first visited them in 1773. The largest island is Rarotonga.
5. USA & United States & United States of America.
Each island is closed to the public and is a wildlife refuge and administered by either the Department of the Interior, Department of Defense, or the U.S. Navy.
6. Douglas.
The Isle of Man is between Ireland and the United Kingdom and is a crown dependency of the UK which protects the island. The island is rather large with a population of 75,000, 23,487 of which are in its capital, Douglas.
7. Greenland.
Greenland is the largest territory today, but it still has home rule. In 1953, American troops defended the island during World War II. Its capital is Godthab.
8. Mayotte.
Mamoutzou, its capital, is home to over half ethnic Comorans. The 107,000 population is something Comoros would very much like since it only has 563,000.
9. The Netherlands.
Guyana gained its independence from the United Kingdom, Suriname gained its independence from The Netherlands, but French Guinea has still not gained its independence from France.
10. Lesotho.
The country has an odd pronunciation: Leh-SOO-tu. It has had many rebellions that has left its economy one of the poorest in Africa.
11. Macau & Macao.
Portugal, just like the U.K., gave Macau back to the Chinese in December of 1999. Macau consists of two peninsulas across the Pearl River from Hong Kong. To the north is the large city of Guangzhou.
12. Torshavn.
The Faroe Islands are located between Norway and Iceland and to the north of the U.K. They are the territory of Denmark and depend mainly on fishing and sheep herding.
13. Morocco.
The Western Sahara has never gained independence from any of the countries it came under power to. During the early nineties war was declared on Morocco. The phosphate-rich territory, formerly known as the Spanish Sahara, is now waiting for the U.N. to decide if it should gain its independence. Other than phosphate, however, it is extremely poor.
14. Norway.
Yes, Roald Amundsen's discovery of the South Pole set the Norwegian flag there. But because of the Antarctic Treaty, which says that Antarctica is claimed by nobody and is meant for only scientific use, Norway has no 'official' claim to the pole.
15. Saipan.
The Northern Mariana Islands is an island territory owned by the U.S. It comprises of 14 islands and is situated in the Pacific. The only opposition its had is with the Japanese in World War II, but the United States Navy was there to back them up. Phosphates, tropical fruits, and tourism are the only economy it has.
16. Mongolia.
In the early 1900's Japan became a world power by conquering other lands. During World War II its reach went as far as Singapore.
17. Australia.
Christmas Island is located towards the centre of the Indian Ocean and has long since been the property of Australia. It was used as a shipping port when ships tried to cross the Indian Ocean to get to Australia from Africa.
18. United Kingdom.
Montserrat relies on Britain for defense, but has its own system of government. The tiny island relies on taxes and tourism for income.
19. Aruba.
Aruba had political separation from The Netherlands Antilles in 1986. Its 66,000 residents are some of the richest in the world having an average GDP of {$21,000}a year. Its economy is mainly tourism and offshore banking.
20. France.
Bora-Bora highest point is only 750 meters above sea level. It is located in the Pacific and depends on France for practically everything.


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