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     Volume 4 Issue 68 | October 21, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

Candle light Eid dinner
As the Eid-ul-Fitr comes closer, the shops and stores in Dhaka City seem to compete with each other, as in, how fluorescent and luminous they can possibly appear. This seems absolutely ridiculous since the whole country is suffering from enormous shortage of electricity. However, the situation is worst in Dhaka, as it consumes the highest amount of electricity. This has been continuing over the last few years and the scenario is getting no better because of the rising number of markets. Despite the government's frequent request to stop this nuisance, no one seems to pay any heed. If such a show continues, we might have to arrange candle light dinners on Eid day and days to follow!
Mashfique Habib

Hijackers and the policemen
A while ago, I was on my way back from my friend's house. It was quite late, so I decided to take a shortcut by the Dhanmondi Lake. The road was almost empty. As I was passing by road number 32, a man approached me. The man pushed me to a corner, asking me for my cell phone and moneybag. At that time, two policemen were passing by, smoking cigarettes and in their best mood. They saw me being mugged, but it seemed as if they did not want to spoil the good mood they were in. The mugger took off with my mobile phone and my moneybag (which had 500 taka in it). I found the two policemen in front of a tea-stall. As I reported them about what had happened, they acted as if they did not see what had happened, and said to me that everyday many people get mugged in the city, and that they could not arrest all of them. I was obviously speechless. If the law enforcers, for whom we pay taxes regularly, are not responsible for our security, then who do we go to for help?
Sadat Shams Maple Leaf Int. School

Diary from Sylhet

My first flight
I always longed to travel on a plane. After dreaming for days together about a fun-filled plane journey, somehow I got the chance to fly from Rajshahi to Dhaka on an airbus. I was obviously excited. I reached the airport two hours prior to take off. After getting through all the official formalities, I got on the plane and took my seat. I was sitting and preparing myself for the trip. Suddenly, a beautiful lady with a sweet voice came up to me and smiled. 'Would you like something, sir?' she asked, holding a basket full of chocolates and treats. I had never had such a beautiful lady speak to me in this way before. 'No,' I replied, all confused. As she moved on to the other passengers, I suddenly realised that I did want a chocolate after all. However, I just didn't have the guts to ask her for them. I reached Dhaka airport without tasting any of the on-flight treats!
Md. Haider

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