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     Volume 4 Issue 71 | November 18, 2005 |

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Another Centre of the World


This SAARC has opened up a host of possibilities. What with China and even more distant Japan being offered Observer status (they will need some powerful binoculars), come a few more summits and we may be in a position to extend our long arm and invite first Australia, then Germany and one day, who knows, even the USA.

SAARC shall then regain its long lost status as the centre of the world. We shall then have established the rights of the 4500-year old Indus Valley civilisation. But just don't go about telling that to everyone, for surely then some Bushman will think of a way to give a bagra in these fabulous prospects for one-fifth of the world's population, a vast majority of them below the poverty line economically, but well above in terms of mental peace. Ask any Western psychiatrist and you will know why.

It is expected that into its third decade there shall be increased cooperation in all fields… education, health, culture…

Our very own handsome hero Reaz (he was good in 'The Bride of Molla's House') shall soon be teaming up with KK, that is not to mean who-who but the sweet dumpling on many a paramour's platter Kareena Kapoor. Hoo-hooo!

Karu shall in a kira, not a promise because in a movie it has no value (the trend is filtering into real life too), but the traditional Bhutanese dress for women. Reaz could be in a large Pakistani kurta-shalwar, topped by a stylish sherwani. He will look a bilkul jamai; that's a sample of the region's linguistic harmony.

The two shall be prancing on the beaches off Akirifuru in Male to the tune of a Rahman (but he is much more than that and thus spells his name with a capital A). In the background the song could have words like Meka sonduru lakayak and the artist could be for all you know Neela Wikramasinga. She is from Sri Lanka.

The director shall obviously have to be from Afghanistan because they have long been robbed of this privilege. Finance is not going to be any problem, as Japan shall soon learn by observing closely. China can do the distribution and by the time every village from Urumgi to Hong Kong.

Shooting shall take place in each of the countries, observers not to be deprived by any means, and that shall not be a departure from their respective present status. It is possible that Eva Rahman's World Record will be seriously threatened by the number of locations Reaz and KK are likely to have their sequences shot.

In further fields of collaboration, we are likely to see our future generation graduating from a South Asian university. Many shall have the howsh to study in such fine institutions, and obviously one university will not be enough. We can maybe have one in each member country or may be more, surely more. We are very productive in making universities. In fact, after garments it is our biggest manufactured commodity. Some are even thinking of exporting the product. That's progress. We are also looking at forward and backward linkage with other major universities of the world.

On graduation day at HAUSH (Harvard Asian University of South Halishahar), the successful ones shall throw up into the air their kisti tupi, Shahstri topi, Jinnah cap, Nepali topi, pagree and all to celebrate a momentous day, not only in their own lives but for all South Asians from Kabul to Tokyo.

Each country has to be tolerant of the other, nay they shall have to open up their arms to the other.

There shall have to be fair trading. We shall all closely monitor the commercial activities after January 2006.

There shall have to be flushing out of terrorists. None should be welcome across each other's borders.

There shall have to be cultural exchanges. We do not want to hear that a programme by a foreign shilpi has been postponed at the last moment because a government has withdrawn its permission.

But to begin with, in respect of Bangladesh, the BSF must stop gunning down our innocent citizens who are grazing on SAARC soil that's the erstwhile 'no man's land'.

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