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     Volume 4 Issue 71 | November 18, 2005 |

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Dhaka Diary

The doctor attack
Acouple of days ago I was suffering from severe earache. I went to an ear and eye specialist who checked my ears for just 10 minutes. Between checking my ears and fishing with other things, he was speaking on the cell with a patient. After finishing with his inspection, he prescribed three extremely powerful antibiotics for me along with a nasal drop. As I was fasting, I took the medicine after iftar. That whole night, I couldn't sleep and became almost senseless. I am sure nobody needs a medical degree to understand that what I went through was because of the strong antibiotics that were prescribed to me. Even though I recovered from the earache within a couple of days without any medication, I suffered a lot nevertheless. These kinds of incidents are very common in our country, where the medical profession has become a business enterprise of sorts.

the 'churiwala's' 'apa'
ANYONE who has visited the footpath in front of Viqarunnisa Noon College knows of the many ladies selling baskets filled with churis (bangles). As I came out of the school, I was going through the many colours and trying to choose a bunch. All of a sudden, all the bangle sellers jumped up at once and were running towards a woman. 'Apa aise!' (Apa is here!), they were telling each other, all gleeful and happy. The woman had bags filled with soap, food and other necessities for the women. I was truly impressed by this lady and her deeds.
Jafrin Jahed Jiti

The legalities
SECURITY has been big the past few weeks. All of a sudden, vehicles are being stopped on roads, drivers asked to show their licence and the very obvious, rickshaws with no legal papers whatsoever pulled out from the streets. On my way to Gulshan 1 the other day, I saw a small crowd of people surrounding a chaotic situation where a traffic sergeant was cutting off the rickshaw chains, finally dumping it, upside down, while the frantic rickshaw puller was almost in tears, watching his means of earning be destroyed. The things the poor have to go through are sometimes truly unimaginable by many like us.
Gulshan 2

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