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     Volume 4 Issue 71 | November 18, 2005 |

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A Visit toAnimal Kingdom

1.Black eggs called caviar come from which fish?
2.What is Australia's largest bird?
3.This flightless bird had no natural predators as it lived in a remote place. When Europeans came they brought rats, pigs and monkeys which ate its eggs and by 1680 they were extinct. Its name means 'Stupid' in Portuguese?
*Elephant Bird
*Great Auk
4.Name the strongest insect which can lift and support more than 800 times its own weight.
*Army ant
*Goliath beetle
*Rhinoceros beetle
5.Name the largest living animal, which can grow to an average weight of 26 tonnes by the age of twelve months?
*Whale shark
*Blue whale
*African elephant
*Humpback whale
6.Which is the biggest fish?
*Whale shark
*Great white shark
7.Name the largest rodent?
*Red squirrel
8.Name the largest member of the cat family?
*Siberian tiger
9.Name the biggest and longest reptile?
*Black caiman
*Komodo dragon
*Saltwater crocodile
*Nile crocodile
10.Where would you find the world's smallest bird, the male bee hummingbird?
*Galapagos Islands
*New Guinea
11.The cheetah is the fastest land mammal over a short distance of up to 600 yards but which animal is the fastest land mammal over long distances sustaining a speed of 35 m.p.h. for four miles?
*Pronghorn antelope
*Thomson's gazelle
12.A type of trigger fish has two spines above its eyes which give its name to which fish?
*Angler fish
13.Fossils show that coelacanths lived more than 300 million years ago and thought to have died out with the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. In the 1930's they were discovered living in which ocean?
14.Name the fish that has lacy fan-shaped fins which looks delicate but their spines can jab deadly poison?
*Flying gurnard
*Lion fish
15.Name the fish which lives in shallow water among weed and rocks or partly buried in sand. If someone accidentally steps on one, the small spines on its back contain one of the most powerful venom in the whole animal kingdom?
*Stone fish
16.Why do many frogs and toads blow up their chin skin like a balloon?
*To cool down
*To help breathe out of water
*To frighten adversaries
*To make their calls louder
17.Where in the world can the smallest fish, dwarf gobies be found?
*Philippine Islands
*Cayman Islands
*Galapagos Islands
*Great Barrier Reef
18.Name the fish whose thick coating of slime protects it from the stinging paralysing tentacles of sea anemones?
*Clown fish
*Moray eel
19.What is the largest monkey?
*Spider monkey
20.Sloths spend two-thirds of their time asleep. They feed on fruit and leaves while hanging from trees by long, hooked claws. How long does a meal take to pass through its body?
*Two weeks
*3 hours
21.Which lizard runs so fast that it can even move for short distances over water because its long toes are supported by the skin-like film on the surface?
22.Which male bird has a bright red balloon-like skin pouch on his throat which he blows up to attract a female?
*Africa darter
*Scarlet ibis
23.Which land animal has the biggest eyes?
24.Which fish spends more time walking than swimming?
25.Which fish each night makes a bag-like cocoon of mucus slime around its body to protect it from predators while it sleeps?
*Sea horse
*Parrot fish
*Damsel fish
*Butterfly fish

1. Sturgeon
2. Emu

The ostrich comes from Africa.
3. Dodo
The huge-beaked, turkey-sized dodo lived on the island of Mauritius.
4. Rhinoceros beetle
It is also called the hercules beetle. The Goliath beetle is the heaviest insect.
5. Blue whale
The adult female blue whale can measure 30 metres long and weigh over 150 tonnes.
6. Whale shark
The plankton-feeding whale shark can be 13 metres in length and is found in warmer areas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.
7. Capybara
The capybara of South America can weigh up to 174 pounds.
8. Siberian tiger
The measurements are from the nose to the tip of the tail (In inches). The order of size is tiger (130), leopard (126), lion (110) and jaguar (107).
9. Saltwater crocodile
The komodo dragon is the largest lizard.
11.Pronghorn antelope
13. Indian

Off the coast of East Africa.
14.Lion fish
15.Stone fish
16. To make their calls louder

Male frogs and toads make loud calls to attract females.
17.Philipine islands
18.Clown fish
19. Mandrill

Gorillas are apes and the largest of the primates.

23. Ostrich
Each eye can be up to two inches in diameter. The tarsier has the biggest eyes among mammals but is only just over six inches in length.
24. Batfish
The rosy-lipped batfish crawls well on its strong, leg-like fins.
25. Parrot fish
Many night-time predators hunt by smell rather than sight and the mucus makes it harder for them to smell the resting parrotfish.

Source: funtrivia.com

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