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     Volume 4 Issue 75 | December 16, 2005 |

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Amar Sonar Bangla…

Bangladesh: Country File
Smart Apple Media;
August 2004

This book is part of the publisher's "Country File" series. Using brief chapters and plenty of informative sidebars, the books present facts about our country, combined with color photographs and substantial backmatter. In addition, the text presents and discusses material about the land, the people, urban and rural life, the economy, government, arts and the media, and Bangladesh's place in the modern world. The chapters are enhanced by maps, graphs, pie-charts and tables. A commendable effort has been made to include a variety of landscapes, peoples and situations, representing both rural and urban areas. The opening chapter deftly handles the complexities of the events by which Bangladesh became an independent nation in the twentieth century, in a manner accessible to young readers. This is particularly useful because it includes information (e.g., ancient terracotta reliefs on the walls of a Buddhist monastery) that offers a sense of this as a multicultural nation.

The Price of a Dream: The Story of the Grameen Bank
David Bornstein
Oxford University Press; November 2005

This book is the compelling story of the Grameen Bank, one of the most successful development organizations in the world. Founded by Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh in 1976, the Grameen Bank has extended small loans for self-employment to more than two million women villagers and has helped lift hundreds of thousands out of poverty. The Grameen Bank's "trickle up" approach has inspired the creation of hundreds of "micro-credit" programs around the world and helped to reshape international development policy.


Countries of the World: Bangladesh
Gareth Stevens & Inc;
December 2003

Gaining independence in 1971, Bangladesh is a young nation with a long history. The land that is Bangladesh today was inhabited from as early as 1000 B.C. Since then, the people of Bangladesh have fought long and hard against foreign domination. Today, Bangladesh is working hard to emerge from a poor economy. From the world's longest beach to the world's largest mangrove forest, from ancient Buddhist temples to modern Islam, from extensive river transportation to colorful rickshaws, this book celebrates the strength and spirit of the Bangladeshi people and gives glimpses of the their beloved homeland.



Compiled by: Sanyat Sattar

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