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     Volume 4 Issue 75 | December 16, 2005 |

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‘Game’ that has become Child's Play


Within minutes of an incident, in which limbs are thrown up on to tree branches, the skull separates from a body, and blood covers the tar on the road, law-enforcers are very quick to pin the blame on three letters J-M-B.

Across the country postal letters arriving in the name of those three letters are immediately acknowledged as being actually sent by JMB. How can they be so sure is another question. In fact, anyone could be writing a threat in the said acronym. Do we have handwriting specimens on a digital mechanism that we can instantly identify one belonging to a terrorist, and one not penned by an ally of the terrorist, or a prankster?

The three letters have been uttered on the channels and the radio, and repeated in the print media so many times that many may have lost track of their true meaning. In fact there is much confusion abounding and perhaps the very idea is to make people lose track of the real context and scent of the other culprit.

Let's try to do it like this. Say, the short form is UNO, and
you have three columns with options (given alphabetically). You were to now pick the correct three in the proper order and connect the words. Like so…

Obviously, for UNO, you would want to connect United from Column A, and Nations from Column B and Organisation from Column C to get the right meaning.

Given below are three columns (the lucky-for-some 13 choices in each given alphabetically) for you to figure out what JMB really stands for.

The words are taken from the ones the media mentioned most in relation to bomb blasts at the Udichi function, Ramna Batomul, Baniarchar Roman Catholic church, Narayanganj Awami League office, Mymensingh Cinema Halls, Sylhet Mazaar Sharif, Awami League meeting 21 August, Habiganj AL meeting, 63 districts, Khulna Press Club, Chittagong Court checkpoint, Gazipur Bar Association, Jhalakathi, Netrokona Udichi office.

Connect one item from each column representing each letter. Please use a pencil as you may change your mind.
Frankly, the choice is yours.

Nota bene: The correct answer/s shall NOT be printed on this page next week. So save your copy

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