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     Volume 4 Issue 76 | December 23, 2005 |

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"Here's a quiz on all sorts of books... everything from Hemingway to Crichton and a few odd others. How well read are you?"

1. Which book did Alex Haley describe as FACTION, somewhere between fact and fiction?
♠ For Whom the Bell Tolls
♠ 2001: A Space Odyssey
♠ Roots
♠ The Red Badge of Courage

2. Which of Michael Crichton's books was first to top the New York Times bestseller list?
♠ Jurassic Park
♠ The Andromeda Strain
♠ Timeline
♠ Rising Sun

3. Which 1988 Stephen Hawking book spent over two years on the New York bestsellers list?
♠ General Relativity: An Einstein Centenary Survey
♠ Black Holes and Baby Universes
♠ A Brief History of Time
♠ 3000 Years of Gravity

4. Which Hemingway novel includes the line: 'Oh Jake, we could have had such a damned good time together'?
♠ The Old Man and The Sea
♠ Death in the Afternoon
♠ For Whom the Bell Tolls
♠ The Sun Also Rises

5. Who is the central character in Ayn Rand's 'The Fountainhead'?
Answer: (Two Words)

6. Which Italian astronomer wrote 'The Starry Messenger'?
♠ Galileo
♠ Copernicus
♠ Hubble
♠ Halley

7. At which sporting event do terrorists explode a nuclear device, in Tom Clancy's 'The Sum of All Fears'?
♠ The Super Bowl
♠ The Summer Olympics
♠ The World Series
♠ The Winter Olympics

8. Which of these Stephen King stories was written under the pseudonym Richard Bachman?
♠ Rose Madder
♠ Thinner
♠ Desperation
♠ Needful Things

9. Which William Golding book was turned down by 21 publishers before its 1954 release?
♠ Everything You wanted to Know About Sex But were Afraid to Ask
♠ Red Badge of Courge
♠ Lord of the Flies
♠ Death of a Salesman

10. Which was the first John Le Carre spy book about life after glasnost?
♠ Rubicon One
♠ The Russia House
♠ From Russia with Love
♠ Hard Times

11. Complete this John Irving title... 'A Prayer for_______ '?
Answer: (Two Words)

12. Here's an easy one. Who wrote 'The Grapes of Wrath'?
♠ Ernest Hemingway
♠ William Faulkner
♠ Edgar Allen Poe
♠ John Steinbeck

13. Which Daniel Keys novel is about a mentally handicapped man who undergoes an operation to make him smarter?
♠ Where the Boys Are
♠ Flowers for Algernon
♠ The Cider House Rules
♠ Pride and Prejudice

14. The J.R.R. Tolkien trilogy begins with 'The Fellowship of the Ring'. The second book is 'The Two Towers'. What's the third?
♠ The Return of the King
♠ The Fall of Mordred
♠ The Hobbit
♠ The Silmarillian

15. Okay... who wrote 'The Amityville Horror'?
♠ Jay Anson
♠ James Dickey
♠ Robert B. Parker
♠ Dean R. Koontz

16. Which famous book did J.D. Salinger write before disappearing?
♠ The Crucible
♠ Jolly Roger
♠ The Catcher in the Rye
♠ Deliverance

17. Which 'Slaughterhouse Five' author said he wished he'd never been labelled a science-fiction writer?
♠ Kurt Vonnegut
♠ Isaac Asimov
♠ William Gibson
♠ Carl Sagan

18. Which Bill Cosby book spent 26 weeks atop the New York Times bestseller list in 1986?
♠ Bill Cosby: America's Father
♠ I Started out as a Child
♠ Fatherhood
♠ Leonard Part 6

19. Which 1989 novel describes how June, Rose, Waverly and Lena learn about their mothers?
♠ Primary Colors
♠ The Joy Luck Club
♠ The World According to Garp
♠ December Moon

1. The correct answer is Roots.
2. The Rising Sun.
3. A Brief History of Time.
4. The Sun Also Rises.
5. Howard Rorak.
6. Galileo.
7. The Super Bowl.
8. Thinner.
9. Lord of the Flies.
10. The Russia House.
11. Owen Meaney & owen meaney.
12. John Steinbeck.
13. Flowers of Algernon.
14. The Return of the King.
15. Jay Anson.
16. The Catcher in the Rye.
17. Kurt Vonnegut.
18. Fatherhood.
19. The Joy Luck Club.


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