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     Volume 4 Issue 77 | December 30, 2005 |

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Private university charges
This is in regards to a news item published in the Daily Star on December 21, regarding tuition fees and other charges extracted by private universities. The writer correctly pointed out that it is the students who suffer the most due to the ever changing fees framework. North South University, the pioneer in the private university culture is making the most by manipulating its undue and unethical terms and conditions concerning tuition and other fees, which is well followed by other private universities. It is also surprising to observe that regardless of a time frame set by the University Grant commission which makes it mandatory for all universities to have their own campus within three years of their inception most of the universities have failed to follow the rules.
Eminent educationist Professor Muzaffer Ahmed rightly said that "Neither the private universities that charge less fees nor those which charge more have any vision whatsoever to actually educate the nation. Their target is just making money".
Humayun Hyder

The Voice of Bangladesh!
After seven months of gruelling competition, finally Bangladesh has found its very own voice, Nolok Babu from Jamalpur. Basically a folk singer, Nolok has shown versatility and consistency in his performance. One can surely get the feel of our culture and the whiff of our traditions in his voice. However, no one can deny the fact that when it comes to perfect presentation, control, and voice modulation, Rajiv has got the edge over Nolok. As for Beauty, she can definitely be the queen of Lalon songs but lacks versatility. At the end of the day we all have to respect the people's choice because their verdict is the main verdict as this competition was controlled by them to a large extent.
Congratulations to Nolok for clinching the first ever Close-Up 1 title, and becoming the voice that Bangladesh was looking for.
NTV and the respective sponsors deserve thanks for showcasing such a well organised talent hunt competition in our country.
Nazmus Saquib
Notre Dame College

IB System
Till date the English medium schools of our country have followed the British O and A level system of education. However, now some of them like The Aga Khan School are switching to the IB system. This means that students no longer have to concentrate on any one subject and delve in to study it since integrated science is an outline of the three subjects. This, I believe, will greatly be of a disadvantage for students in grade 9 when they will have to choose subjects, since they will not have a solid concept of any of the subjects. Thus, schools shifting to IB system must ponder about this before the problem gets severe.
Nayeem Islam
The Aga Khan School, Uttara, Dhaka

Last week's Straight Talk by Nadia Kabir Barb had several typos. The words 'thought' and 'invited' were misspelled as 'though' and 'invite' respectively. We regret the errors.

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