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     Volume 5 Issue 79 | January 20, 2006 |

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A Vase Full of Citations

(Quotations we did not want to see)


A bullet in the hand is better than two in the head
A fool and his minister are soon moneyed
A friend in need is a friend in need of another friend
A man is as bold as he's killing; a woman has bold as she looks
A strolling employee gathers no boss
After launch (sinks) rest a while, after disaster talk a mile
All that's bitter is not old
All's well that bends well
An apple a day keeps the savings away
Barking mastans never fight
Behind every successful man there is an income tax inspector
Better 'late' than alive
Big boys slay at night
Blood is cheaper than water
Clarity begins at home
Cowards dye many times before their wedding; the valiant never test with colours but one
Democracy is far the people, off the people and bye the people
Don't encounter your chickens before they are matched
Early to raid, early to vice, makes a man wealthy and have many bhais
Every clown has a sarkari lining
For militants rush in where angels trade their beard
Forsake and forget
I came, I saw, I kept quiet
I have found eet! I have found eet! (Eureka! Eureka!)
Idle bureaucrat is the devil's workshop
Let there be fight
Look before you lip
Make hay while the son shines
Never judge a crook by his cover
Never put off till tomorrow what can be kept on all night
People who live in glasshouses should not wear lungi
Politics is the mother of invention (of dreams)
Still waters run shallow
Strange politics keeps awake bedfellows
The bullet is stronger than the ballot
Thou shalt love thy neighbour (after crossing two thousand miles)
To purr is inhuman
Too many books spoil the accounts
Wards of a feeder flock to get her
Where there is a will, there is a woman
Wild is the father of man

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