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     Volume 5 Issue 79 | January 20, 2006|

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Infra-Blue Technology

Imran H. Khan

Fazle Taher

Infra-Blue Technology, a sister concern of Fortuna Group, is a software company that has been in business since February 2005. They opt to be the Next-Generation service provider for cellular applications and contents. Fazle Taher, Director of Fortuna Group is quite optimistis about the prospects of the software firm. "We basically want to develop our own games, multimedia messaging service (mms), ring tones, etc., the contents for the next generation of computers and mobile communication systems," says Taher. Blue is the new brand of mobile media and entertainment and it is out to grab the everyday lifestyle of the regular mobile user. "It is funky and happening, giving a newer definition to the mobile culture. It provides a complete solution for the management and delivery of mobile content and applications building a deeper relationship among customers. The Blue brand is customised to keep up with the ever demanding youth population," as quoted on their web site: www.smsblue.net.

This software team is mainly a young group of creative and enthusiastic programmers, specialising in web mediums, designs, gaming, computer technology and entrepreneurship.

As they are all quite young, they are always striving to reach new heights and are always ready to try out new ideas. "We are trying to develop some unique products. We do our own research and start developing", continues Taher. He was fiddling with a deck of playing cards to develop some new games from it. "As long as we have a computer, we can do whatever we want".

A cut-shot from their upcoming game "Caveman".

Blue is concentrating mainly on wireless programming for mobile phones; games, application and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Through these planning, "Blue will accompany anyone in their endeavours of solving their diverse business challenges through mobile services." They are currently working on a game called "Caveman". A funny caveman walks through different challenging levels to collect dinosaur drumsticks, dodge prehistoric creatures and solve puzzles. A modern day game of Mario perhaps but the animations and creativity behind the game is truly genius. Also on Blue's recipe of service, they have java games, screen savers, logos and much more.

Already they are sending information about one's horoscope, the weather, original ringtones, both in Bangla and English, soccer news, cricket news, foreign exchange rate information, messages of love and friendship, philosophical messages, jokes and much more. Exciting new games are a sure thing to look out for from this budding software firm, out to set a benchmark for the software firms in Bangladesh.

SMS Blue

Mirza Asif

Among other things, Infra-Blue Technology is providing a Hangman game and a Puzzle game through GrameenPhone. Through the short messaging service (sms), one can play these games and at the end of the month and receive a prize. The prize for this month for the Hangman game is a trip to Bangkok and the winner of the Puzzle game will get a Sony PlaySation 2. One can even send sms to check for monthly rankings. "In this modern age, there are literally thousands who are joining such cellular gaming competitions, not just because they are entertaining, but for the thrill of the competition," says Mirza Asif, the Technical Head of the company and a software engineer himself.

Another game that is quite popular is the Puzzle. After sending a message, one gets a scrambled word and must rearrange it. The correct answer earns you points. There are no try limits. There is also a penalty in case you fail to arrange the word correctly. Similar to a SAT grading perhaps. For the nimble minded users, there is also a hint service so that you never stay stuck for too long. After every month, the point counter is restarted and the contest starts all over again, with different prizes.



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