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     Volume 5 Issue 80 | January 27, 2006 |

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Post-Colonial Poetry

Modern Indian Poetry in English
by Bruce King

This edition is a revision of the classic, which has become the standard work on the subject. Five chapters covering the 1990s have been added with an updated chronology. These discuss a number of more recent poets, along with one chapter on the late Agha Shahid Ali.
As a comprehensive study of modern Indian poetry in English, this text presents a history and analysis of the most important poets, books and journals, along with an analysis of the social basis of Indian English-language poetry. New to this edition are five chapters and an updated chronology. There is a long essay on Agha Shahid Ali, and two chapters on significant new, younger poets and what they represent.

Dom Moraes: Collected Poems 1954-2004
Penguin Books India, p.355, Rs. 395.

This book contains poems by legendary Indian poet Dom Moraes. These are the themes that recur in his poems: absence, invasion, exile, loss. And the metaphors: song, stone, sculpture. And the myths, which are not of our land.
Through Poems (1960), John Nobody (1965) and Beldam Etcetera (1967) we follow an ambitious poet with the craft to record his visions accurately. Moraes was never afraid to tell the truth about himself. He was convinced others would find him interesting. Ally this certitude to an almost faultless ear, a sureness of touch, and his first three books are a remarkable achievement for a poet not yet 30.

The Heinemann Book of African Women's Poetry
Stella Chipasula and Frank Chipasula (Editors)

Over the centuries, African women have composed songs of praise for mythic heroes, memorised epic poems that tell the history of their people, and expressed their concerns, both personal and political, in poetry. This anthology offers a varied selection of poetry by women all over Africa.


Compiled by: Sanyat Sattar


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