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     Volume 5 Issue 80 | January 27, 2006 |

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Book review blunder
I was shocked to see the recommendation for the book "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About" by Kevin Trudeau in your book review section in the issue dated January 20, 2006. The reviews in your magazine were compiled by Sanyat Sattar. In North America, Kevin Trudeau is widely known to be a cheat and a fraudster. He was reprimanded and fined by Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of United States for false advertising. In his younger days, Mr. Trudeau was also charged with credit card fraud. As far as this book is concerned, he does not actually discuss any "cures". He constantly complains against the food and drug industries and how "they" have barred him from divulging the real "natural cures". In the book he is also constantly asking subscription money to access his website. Apart from Mr. Trudeau's "good clean cut" looks and excellent selling skills, he is just another con artist trying to make money any way he can. I would urge potential readers of this book to Google his name (Kevin Trudeau) in the Internet to see the real story.
Adnan Siddiky
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

On book reviews
I know that the SWM is an English magazine and as such has every right to publish reviews on English Language books. But how relevant are these books to the people of this country? I am sure that most of these books are not even available anywhere in Bangladesh. On the other hand, everyday many Bangla and English books are being published which are both relevant and available to us. It would be really helpful to avid readers like us if you could review these books. On the same note, you should also perhaps have a separate page for music album reviews.
Sifat Sultana, NSU

Ash and our culture
That day I was stuck in a traffic jam in front of Hotel Sonargaon when I noticed Aishwarya Rai as the model of Lux on a billboard just opposite the hotel. I was shocked to see such an advertisement and no one taking any steps to replace it. People from various countries stay over at this hotel. If they see the photo of an Indian actress, they will form a wrong impression of Bangladeshi culture. So shouldn't this advertisement billboard be changed.
Jafrin Jahed Jiti

Much Ado about Nothing
The world's media, it seems, always need a sexy new disease to keep going. Some western countries are on war footing with their TVs and newspapers talking in military terms. Words and phrases like "exterminations", "pre-emptive action", "holocaust" and "catastrophes" are indiscriminately used to warn us of a disease that has so far taken only 20 lives. Ironic that in the United Kingdom alone, on an average 20, 000 people die in a year of normal Flue related illness. Instead of putting its resources in curbing diseases like HIV-Aids and Malaria, the west is digging its hand into its pocket to give money for something, which, we are not sure, will be worth the while. Millions of survivors of the South Asian earthquake are still fighting death in this harsh winter. Pakistan's plea to its western donors to send more tents and warm clothes has fallen in deaf air. Whereas as far as "fighting" Avian Influenza is concerned a recent UN conference has met its target within hours. The only reason can be that, should an epidemic break out, more and more White people would become exposed to it.
Diosa Hussain
Banani, Dhaka

The religious fundamentalists
The other day I was talking to my father about the rising militancy problem in our country. I am a student of Dhaka University and like other conscious citizens of the country I am very much worried about the problem. The derailed religious fundamentalists even do not know what they are aiming for. As the whole country was being threatened, I was a little scared. Girls are being threatened to wear hijab, though I think it is totally a person's own choice what to wear. I asked my father if I should wear hijab while going to university. I was expecting an affirmative but got an unexpected answer. He told me that I was the proud student of Dhaka University and I possessed a strong historical background of fighting against all odds. Should we need to fear anymore?
Kazi Mohua

Stalins and Lenins of India
It was really interesting to learn about this unusual village in India where people are named after famous Russians. I'm sure there are a lot of unusual and interesting things happening all over this country as well. It would be nice to see these stories published in the SWM. We are always reading a lot of negative stories all over the newspapers and magazines. These sorts of stories light up our lives and encourages us to do good in this world.
Sadat Kashef

Islamic militants
It seems that all of a sudden the government is going all out against the Islamic militants, discovering a huge amount of arms and ammunition in secret hideouts. Is it me or does everyone feel that the government has some ulterior motive behind this sudden actiopn against the militants. Didn't this same government, not so long ago declare that Islamic militants in this country were only a figment of the media's overactive imagination.
Ruhhul Amin

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