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     Volume 5 Issue 80 | January 27, 2006 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I am a 12-year-old girl and like apparently every other kid I began my New Year with depression and incessant tears. My friend called me up and told me to go to her house for a party on new years but my mother had already told me that I wasn't allowed to go anywhere. In fact I have never been to a friend's house in my whole life and neither have any of my friends ever come over. My parents are so overprotective about me it drives me crazy sometimes. Please tell me how I can get out of the grips of my tenacious parents.

Dear Voldemort,
I think you are over reacting. Your parents are protective because you are only 12. I am sure they will give you more freedom when you are older. However, it is natural to visit friends and also have them over. Your parents should be made to understand this either by a teacher or relative or their friend. You should invite some close friends and introduce them to your parents. Once she gets to know them she might get confidence to let you go over also.

Dear Mita,
When I was in class 10, I was introduced to a girl a year older than me. She had failed her S.S.C exams and it was my duty to take her to my Maths teacher every morning. I called her sister because she was my elder brother's friend's sister. Some of my friends also liked her and they teased me by calling me her bodyguard. We both passed our S.S.Cs and in H.S.Cs and were going to the same English Language teacher. From that time I cannot look at her eyes directly as I was falling in love with her. Now we have both graduated. However, 10 days ago, my elder brother told me that she was getting married to her neighbour and still I cannot express my love to her. In these six years, I have met with a lot of girls but I cannot erase her memory from my mind. Could you please tell me what I should do now?

Dear Audre,
I am sorry to say this but you have really missed the bus. If you have not been able to express your love in six years then I don't think you will be able to do it now and moreover it is too late. Much has happened in these years as you both have grown from adolescence to adulthood. The person you fell in love with might not be the same person now . She has changed and so have you. It is futile to hold on to a memory which has no chance of becoming a reality. This must be painful but you must try to get out of this as soon as you can as it will not lead to anything.



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