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     Volume 5 Issue 87 | March 24, 2006 |

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Women clearly ahead
The cover story on "Reporting Women" is really very interesting and gives us some food for thought. Though this was on women journalists who are working in their own world with flying colours, a different representation as well as the inspiring words give some extra spirit. Even in the days of such great technological advancement, the women of our country are still deprived. But this must not continue for long.
I want to thank the writers to for their excellent contribution. I hope SWM will do more of such interesting cover stories. Perhaps you could consider doing stories on personalities in the field of engineering, medicine, banking and so on.
Shirin Sharmin Bubly
Dept. of Civil Engineering

Hats off to the modern science
It is always great to be in the modern world full of wonders and scientific successes. Unlike the days of my grandparents' we now have to suffer very little to do an uphill task thanks to the computerised technology. The organisations, offices, banks, schools, colleges, universities and others are now extensively depending on computers. Children at the age of two or three are now learning their basic lessons through CDs and DVDs. It is always nice to see the exploitation of modern technology in the education sector and giving educating children in an interesting way.
Abdul Fatha Asif
Department of English
EWU, Dhaka

Sensational Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh Reshammiya as a music composer and a singer is topping music charts one after another. Even though he is famous for music direction and composition, his singing talent came into limelight in 2005 with his Sufi sung track 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne' which eventually dominated every party and gathering. In 2006 his compositions in 'Aksar' rocked every music lover and now his debut album 'Aap Kaa Surroor' has also turned out to be superhit. He has become the most sought after music director of the time and his hands are already full with thirty-five films at the moment.
He is the only singer who has made a hattrick appearance in the music video of 3 films--Aashiq Banaya Aapne, Aksar & Tom Dick And Harry. Looks like the formula to a successful film is now equal to Himesh! Here's wishing Himesh all the best and hope he keeps on rocking the world in the years to come.
Nazmus Saquib

Conscious for not being misguided
The cartoon publication of the Prophet Muhammad (SM) created an indomitable backlash all around the world. The publishers and the editors of the concerned European dailies are worthy of public hatred. Nobody possesses the right to humiliate a major religion of the world in such a way. They cannot do it as an excuse of freedom of speech because their freedom of speech is confined to self-interest.
I believe they have the common sense and are educated enough to understand the sentiment of others. I think this is an organised plot to encourage Muslims into a spree of stormy destruction so they can easily depict them as terrorist nations. The Muslims of the world should be conscious of the root of this conspiracy. They should not be incited by the plotters to act out their racial hatred. We can demonstrate against their misdeeds peacefully.
English Department

What is equal right?
I read Eishan's letter published on 3rd March, 2006. He is right that women are granted huge supplementary advantages. But men are not being deprived of their rights. One needs to think seriously about why women need these supplementary advantages in the first place. Women's position is very weak in our country. So the measures that the government has taken for women should be welcomed by every conscious citizen of Bangladesh.
Taslima Sultana
Department of IR
University of Dhaka


It's really very silly when I see sensible people shouting that women are getting more facilities in our country. One of our sensible friends in one of the previous issues of SWM said that the reason for boy's doing worse than girls in exams is that they are not getting any kind of monetary help from the government. This is ridiculous! He has also said that girls are getting preference in the local buses of our country. I just want to ask him whether he has ever sat on one of those seats? He would not have asked the particular question if he had. Anyway I think he has said things without thinking them out properly.
Girls are being deprived of their rights not only in the poor countries but also in the developed countries. Moreover I think girls of our country deserve extra facilities to cope with the present world. The monetary help from the government is encouraging many parents to let their daughters study who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do so.

New Demons on the block
Memories are still afresh of the demonic picture of General Yahya Khan drawn by our famous artist Quamrul Ahsan who also inscribed a very popular slogan, the caption of "Kill these beasts" beneath his work of art. I would like that an artist of Mr.QA's calibre draw a demonic picture of Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Siddiqul Islam Banglabhai and use the same caption for the picture, enlarge it in the form of a poster and hang the same in every corner of Bangladesh. Because these devils and their followers do not have the right to live in the sacred soil of Bangladesh. Islam does not permit any one to behave like hypocrites indulging in anti-Islamic activities and trying to impose an illegal law in the country.
S.M. Rahman
On e-mail


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