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     Volume 5 Issue 89 | April 7, 2006 |

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Dhaka Diary

The senile middle-aged man

few weeks ago, I was stuck in a traffic jam on Mirpur Road near Aarong. A middle-aged man in shabby clothes came up to me and said that he was suffering from cancer. He also had a medical report in his hand. I felt bad for him so I gave him some money. After getting the money, he murmured something, pointed towards the sky and went away. A few days back while I was returning from my coaching classes, I saw the same man near Etcetera in Dhanmondi. This time he was mumbling about suffering from tuberculosis. I instantly recognised him, but he didn't recognise me. When he came to me for alms I demanded to see his prescription, which he reluctantly handed over. After looking at the prescription, I was stunned! Although the man looked not more than 40 years old to me, the prescription said that he was a woman of 69! When I pointed this out to him, he snatched the paper from my hands, and quickly left the spot! I could do nothing but just wonder about believing another sickly stranger on the road.
Sadat Shams
Maple Leaf Int. School

Cheating Service
The other day I was going from Banani to Gulshan 1with two of my friends on a bus. As my friends found seats for themselves somewhere in the middle, I sat in the last row. The supervisor later came to me and asked for the bus fare. "Nine takas for the three of you," he said. I gave him a 100 taka note, and waited till we reached out destination since he didn't have any change with him. Once we reached our stop, my friends got down, while I stayed back to collect my change. Another passenger, thankfully, helped with the change. After I got down, my friends asked what I was doing in the bus for so long. When I told them, they were shocked. It seems the supervisor had taken the bus fare from them as well!
North South University

JMB Impact
A few days ago, my friends and I went to VNC to enjoy their annual science fair. After enjoying a fabulous quiz competition we went outside the auditorium towards the field. Just then two little girls insisted us to go to their food stall. When we went there our eye caught the name of their store. They called it JMB- Just Masti Buffet! It is true when one says that JMB has really contributed a lot to the country, in a humorous sort of way of course.
Atiqur Rahman


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