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     Volume 5 Issue 94 | May 12, 2006 |

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What we are missing in SWM
With a grievous note I would like let you know that we, the readers of the SWM, have been missing certain writers and certain fields of interests. We are missing writers like Neeman Sobhan, Srabonti Narmeen Ali and Kajalie Shehreen Islam for quite a long time whose writings served the readers' interests to a larger extent. We are missing the "Time Out" column too- it had been a great pastime for us!
Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

Do Not Import Potato chips
Taking advantage of the open market economy, unscrupulous businessmen are importing food items of poor quality to make some quick money at the cost of hard earned foreign exchange. I would request the concerned ministry to completely ban the import of cheap prepared food items. Instead, the government. should try to attract direct foreign investment in the manufactural sector.
Dr. S.M. Rahman
Gulshan - 2

Democracy in Nepal
What has happened in Nepal is an outright victory for democracy. The whole world watched the fall of an autocratic regime in great awe. Perhaps the Bangladeshi people should learn a lesson from this on the importance of democratic environment.
Sharmin Sattar

Power scarcity at the libraries
A few days ago I went to the public library at Shahabag to study for an important exam that was coming up. After studying for only 25 minutes the electricity went off and we had to leave the library to study outside. The electricity kept going off every now and then and disrupted the students' concentration greatly. The authorities at the libraries should take some steps to cope up with the crisis.
S.M.Hall, D.U.

I am a residential student of Shamsun Nahar Hall. At the end of last year I was shifted to a new room that is equipped with a bed, a desk and a chair for every two students. When I first came to my new room, I discovered that my chair was a stolen one. My roommate explained to me that the chair given for my use was broken and the authorities simply stole the chair from the dining hall. One day our floor madam came to our room and confiscated the chair. We requested her to replace it which she refused to do. My roommate asked her how she expected me to study without a chair and she simply said, "You don't need to study".
I was so shocked by the answer that I could not talk for a long time. From that day I have come to realise that power at every level produces almost the same effect.
Mahamuda Rahman
English Department
Dhaka University

Why do we cry for water & electricity?
I've grown up in Dhaka and lived in different places both in the old and new part of the city. I have seen in both parts of the city that most people do not pay their bill either for electricity or water. Some of the linemen and meter readers collude with these bill-evaders. We are hindering development in these sectors. So we should not be crying out about water and power when we are not even willing to pay our share of it. We seem to forget that the government is running with our taxes.
Thanveer Hassan Jitu

Public library
The public library enjoys a two-day holiday which means it remains closed 104 days in a year. The government should take steps immediately to keep it open 7 days a week for the sake of the students. If necessary the government should hire more people to keep it open everyday.
Ziaur Raman
University of Dhaka

BNP's downfall
Late President Ziaur Rahman formed the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) with the Bangladeshi Ideology neither fundamentalist nor fanatic nor secular. It is a liberal and moderate party.
Under Khaleda Zia's leadership BNP won the 1991 and 2001 elections. But when Jamaat-e-Islami became their partner the party began to lose its character. It is showing its weakness. Moreover the party is surrounded and controlled by corrupt, and incompetent leaders and activists. If this trend goes on, then it will face the same fate as the Muslim League.
Iqbal Ahmed
New Eskatan

World Cup Cricket in Bangladesh
We are very glad to have the news that Bangladesh will be one of the organizing countries of World Cup cricket in 2011. While we are suffering from the curse of corruption; such news will bring some sort of international fame for our nation.
This news also indicates that we have the necessary infrastructure to organise world cup matches. I specially thank ICC to choose Bangladesh as one of the organisers and BCB for taking the initiative for bringing the World Cup to Bangladesh for the first time. And of course we have to toil to upgrade our team and individual performances, so that it will be more enjoyable for our nation.
Rupnagar R/A

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