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     Volume 5 Issue 96 | May 26, 2006 |

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Dhaka Diary

I went on a trip to St. Martins with seven of my friends after our exams. When we reached the island, it was quite a sunny afternoon. The first thing that we wondered about was how exactly we were to find a resort with strong security as we were planning to leave our baggage containing expensive items and visit the island. On the way to the mainland from the shore we met an elderly person to who we asked help from regarding the matter. Surprisingly enough, he confirmed that nobody would dare to steal from this island and assured us that this place was indeed a very safe area. It seems that he has never had to face any kind of burgling experiences on this island over the years he has been living here. After returning from this unique coral island, we were indeed surprised to see that the old man was right and we found our things as they were before we left. This is probably the only place in Bangladesh, which can be declared a corruption free region. Let us uplift this thought in the other parts of the country as well.
Mars Sohel
Dept of EEE, BUET

The Blackmailer
A few days ago, I was stuck in a traffic jam while returning from Shyamoli. There were some traffic sergeants nearby, but they were unable to sustain order. As I was sweating under the blazing sun, I noticed a man in rags, with his hands full of something that was drawing a lot of attention and also flies! When he came closer, I saw that his hands were full of faeces and cow dung! He was knocking on the windows of cars and was threatening to throw the waste at the passengers if they didn't pay him money! He was getting a lot of money from the horrified people in the cars and taxis. I was struck with horror when I saw him coming towards our car. But fortunately, our car started moving again. It seems that instead of begging and stealing, some people have created a new style all together in terms of blackmailing for a living!
Redwan Islam Orittro
Maple Leaf Int. School

Diary from Chittagong
Candle of hope
It was midday and I was walking on a hilly road. The sun was really hot and the road nearly empty except for some children playing on the footpath. Probably they were dwellers of the houses near the road. A rickshaw puller, tired and sweating profusely in the heat was carrying three young men. The motion was obviously slow. The three passengers were not really paying attention to the rickshaw puller's misery and did not bother to get down. Suddenly, the children who were playing nearby started to push the rickshaw in order to have it move faster. Seeing this, the young men got down and started to walk. The rickshaw puller started to sprint with a smiling face. Probably children like them are here to light the candle of hope for a better future.



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