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     Volume 5 Issue 97 | June 2, 2006 |

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Travel Guides

Eyewitness Travel Guides
DK Publishing, Inc.; March 2006

Italy offers an extraordinary kaleidoscope of regions and experiences for all visitors. Packed with photographs, illustrations and maps this book has mapped out all of the remarkable flavours of Italy. Use this guide to help you decide where to stay, eat, relax, and shop. Every page has pinpointed the highlights of each fascinating region.

PassPorter: Walt Disney World Resort
Jennifer Marx, Dave Marx, Allison C. Marx
PassPorter Travel Press; January 2006

Fully updated for 2006, this award-winning travel guide and organiser is now in full colour, and includes in-depth coverage of Disney's 50th anniversary "Happiest Celebration on Earth" events. The four major theme parks Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney-MGM Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdomreceive comprehensive coverage with detailed layouts, colour fold-out maps, and a concise description of every ride and attraction. Each of the 20 on-site hotels is profiled in exhaustive 4-6 page descriptions with photos and layouts. Candid, personal reviews rate the park's 250 dining options, from full-service restaurants to casual counter eateries. Well-organised and highly functional, the book features a sturdy spiral binding, storage pockets, worksheets, and a handy elastic closure.

Eyewitness Travel Guides
DK Publishing, Inc.; September 2002

DK's Eyewitness Travel Guides have increasingly become the most sought after guides by seasoned and novice travels alike. Featuring up-to-date information and spectacular 3-D aerial views all photographed in full-colour each location is shown at its best. Recognised as the most unique and comprehensive travel guides on the market, Eyewitness Travel Guides create the new standard for travels. Every guide in the series is updated annually. 3-D aerial maps help you make the quickest journey from one place to the next. Red star sights help you get the most out of the shortest visit. Full-colour photographs are taken specifically for each travel guide, and cut-away and floor plans present unique drawings of historic buildings and museums to show exactly where you are and what you see. All the sights in each area are described in depth with special keyed icons, and there's no need to buy an A-Z guide with our fully indexed street maps. Eat and shop with confidence with these reliable listings of hotels, restaurants, bars, and shops in all areas and at all prices. When it comes to entertainment, this book contains complete listings of theatres, music venues, cinemas, clubs, sports facilities, and activities for children. A special survival guide shows you how to use local currency, public transportation and telephones through pictures.





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