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     Volume 5 Issue 104 | July 21, 2006 |

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Call for Charity

Dear readers,
I don't know if you know, but it does not matter. The following perhaps does.

As part of its 15th Anniversary celebrations THE DAILY STAR in February 2006 published the book “CHINTITO A 'stir' is born”, a compilation of articles by Chintito, (would you believe?) the longest serving columnist of the English newspaper. Thank you immensely for your prayers, patience and patronage.

The Daily Star editor Mahfuz Anam wrote the Foreword of the book. Star Weekend Magazine editor Aasha Mehereen Amin penned 'a few words' and as editor of the publication Architect Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed contributed 555 words, in complimenting the commendable government decision to ban smoking in public places.

As something of a royalty, The Daily Star presented Chintito 500 copies of the book, which is priced @ Tk.275 in the bookstalls. Of those, Chintito decided to donate 300 copies as charity. Not so fast. Here you have a major role to play.

On the occasion of the book's Launching Ceremony (delayed due to technical glitch in the booster engine), each of the 300 charity books (all colour, 400 illustrations) will be sold @ Taka 1000 (Takas One Thousand only) and the entire amount will be donated to Mosabbir Cancer Care Centre, (Road# 3 Dhanmandi r/a) which provides shelter, treatment and counselling to the economically disadvantaged cancer patients, many from the rural areas.

Now all you have to do is buy one or several copies of the book, not least for the love of the book or for me, but because (hey!) charity warms your heart. So please.

Please let the book editor know by email <drnizam@gmail.com> or SMS to 01711534290 the number of copy/s you wish to purchase (as donation) and your address (very important) so that a volunteer may drop the book/s, hand over the Launching Ceremony invitation card and collect the money.

The “Launching Ceremony”, is scheduled for Friday, 4 August 2006 from 4.00-7.00PM at the Muktijuddho Jadughar, Segun Bagicha, Dhaka, where we also hope to sell the unsold books.

Thanks for everything.
Best regards.

Dedication (of “CHINTITO A 'stir' is born”)
This publication is dedicated
to all those who believe in the Bangladesh Muktijuddho, a war for the emancipation of the people of Bangladesh;
to all those brave freedom fighters at home and abroad;
to all those martyrs who laid down their life as the supreme sacrifice for the liberation of their and our Sonar Bangla.

CHINTITO, meaning 'worried', was born in 1995 after he took up seriously a general offer made by the Editor of The Daily Star to a group attending a technical seminar to write for the newspaper.
He first had to write three instalments, which were then okayed by the editorial staff at the daily. It was a good start because later he proved terrible in meeting the weekly deadline
The first articles appeared intermittently in the editorial page of the newspaper in a series titled 'Pinch of Salt'.
In 1996 the editor decided to move the column from the broadsheet version to the newspaper's Star Weekend Magazine where it resides till date. The column is now known as Chintito.
This publication A 'stir' is born includes the articles that appeared in the broadsheet and the weekend magazine from 1995 to 1997.
The illustrations used in this publication were added in 2005 but the texts are published in their original.
No caption has been used for the plus-400 illustrations, as readers shall discover their relevance as they go through the text of an article.
A glossary of Bangla words used in the articles has been included, as has been lists of abbreviations and web sites from which illustrations have been downloaded.
Chintito appears every Friday in the Star Weekend Magazine (with of course exceptions) and is also available on the internet version.

Copyright (R) thedailystar.net 2006