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     Volume 5 Issue 106 | August 4, 2006 |

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Be U

Because It's U

Aftab Mahmud Khurshid

"I want to do it because I want to do it."
- Amelia Earhart.

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on the band wagon called 'YOU'. Keep smiling. Try something different. Do something new. And in this case the direction is more important than distance. Be real, be you, because its you. Portray yourself as someone different from others. You have to have some distinct identity; which can be differentiated from others. Be different and loud; stand out from the crowd.

Believe in yourself

Just think that you have no limitations, imagine that you have all the resources, all the money, all the contacts, all the skills and all the time. What one great thing would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? That's your inner strength. That's you.

We all have a purpose in life something, we are destined to do and achieve during our time on earth. Now if you are not living a life with purpose, then you're probably not getting the most out of it. You'll likely find that you're bored, not motivated, frustrated, stressed, and unhappy and simply just living life for the sake of living. In this case you need a vision for moving ahead, you need a set of directions. How would you turn your dreams into reality through practical steps?

Don't sabotage your own self. What can destroy your personal brand as quickly as you begin building it? YOU! That's right. Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn't happen - when we act against our own best interests. Don't sabotage your personal power by focusing on the disappointments, failures and limitations.

Separate what you want from what others want from you - or what you think might please others. Give yourself the permission to be who you are rather than what you think is expected of you.

Just do your own thing

Dare to win; be yourself or fail. Make a list of instructions to change and to manage the changes. If you value growth and if excellence is one of your dreams then sit down in your most comfortable chair and read what follows. It is not so easy that you sit down and just think and changes take place. Practice and change your habit a bit day by day.

Think about the areas of your life that you want to change or improve radically - and say "enough is enough! - It's time for things to change.” You're going to have a complete change of mind about what success is. You will be more capable, more congruent, more content, more confident, more whole, and overall - more YOU!

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that you go out or otherwise compromise your sense of self. On the contrary, expand your awareness of what you actually are; know exactly what your mission is and what you stand for. Be real and purposeful. Be focused.

For example, you can go into a business meeting and take things as they come, making off-the-cuff commentary. You are being yourself. On the other hand, if you plan ahead what you want to say and achieve, how you want to act and sound, aren't you still being yourself? Of course, only this way you are being more real because you've taken the time to be on target and on purpose.

Develop a sense of positiveness. Attitude determines altitudes. Think positive; act positive. Ask yourself when was the last time you felt good, think about your achievements. A month ago? A week before or a day before? Recall that moment. And while you do that, notice how happy you were at that moment. Cherish the situation and above all feel how whole you were. This is a moment of success! A moment of excitement that comes from within! That gives you courage, power, inner strengths - to think and to look forward.

You may feel that you don't have a purpose in life - but that's really not the case. Instead - you just don't know what your purpose is. So how do you find your purpose in life? Very Simple! Start fresh each day. Think of each day as a new beginning - one that has a significant meaning in your life - after all it will never come again. Everyday has a purpose. Every job and everything you do has a purpose. It's your day - colour it, as Bon Jovi sings 'It's my life ...It's now or never .....I ain't gonna live forever.....'

If you want to walk a higher road of excellence, to stand a little taller you have to inspire yourself. Anyone who dares to dream can make a difference in this world. May the "force" be with you! If done properly it is YOU. Impossible is nothing but you got to have the willingness. We know you can do it.

'Life is a roller coaster. Just get to ride it' said pop star Ronan Keating.

Trust yourself! You can experience joy and success in all areas of your life. Begin living life to its fullest. Make this your time to shine. I can only say that you can make it happen! Because it's only you. Be inspired. Be U!

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