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     Volume 5 Issue 107 | August 11, 2006 |

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Dhaka Diary

A rickshaw incident
Unlike many city dwellers who like travelling on rickshaws, I find it uncomfortable and very risky. The rickshaw-pullers mostly come from villages and without being trained properly start plying on the roads. I remember one time when I was travelling on a rickshaw in Dhanmondi. Little did I know that the puller knew nothing about driving, until we met with an accident on road-2, in front of Rifles Square. The fool turned right without taking any notice of the speeding car coming from behind. In a flash the rickshaw was tilted over and I found myself hurled to the hardened ground. Fortunately I had minor bruises, the rickshaw puller, however, had taken a greater blow. Immediately other rickshaw-pullers came to the scene while I picked myself up. I was walking away thanking the Lord and cursing the driver when one came up to me and told me to pay my rickshaw puller. I was surprised at the audacity of the fellow. I angrily replied if my limbs were broken for his stupid driving who would pay for it? He didn't have any answer.
Ziad Alim
On email

TSC and its true meaning
A couple of days ago, I was on my way to the dorms on a rickshaw, from Nilkhet. While passing by the TSC, I could not help noticing the hundreds of posters hanging on the walls of the TSC. The posters were campaigning for the upcoming general elections of the fourth-class staffs'union. They were arranged in such a way that any stranger would have mistaken it for the normal slogans that go on in the city. People often forget what TSC stands for, which is Teachers and Students Centre. I wonder why the staffs' union election is being campaigned in a territory, which is primarily for teachers and students. TSC is an area only for teachers and students and free from politics. I wish we could keep it that way
Chemistry, DU

The importance of historical monuments
A few days ago, I along with a friend were shocked when we were passing by the Shaheed Minar, which is a symbol of pride for any Bangali. For showing out love and respect to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mother language, this place was on February 21. However, the rest of the year, the street hawkers, urchins, mobile food stores gather in the area. Pairs of boys and girls are also seen huddling about by the Minar. I wonder why the authority cannot do anything about this. They should make a point to emphasise on the national importance of this monument so that everyone around can stay aware. The Shaheed Minar is a symbol of inspiration for many in the country. Lets keep it that way.
Mehadi Hasan


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