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     Volume 5 Issue 109 | August 25, 2006 |

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Uttara's metamorphosis
I want to thank Md. Polash Khan for reporting on Uttara's condition in his cover story (August 11, 2006). The article was based on the environmental pollution in Uttara which was very informative.
The writer talks about traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, lack of cleanliness, improper signalling system, etc which are constant companions of our daily life. It is true even for those of us who are not residents of Uttara. The welfare societies and Dhaka City Corporation should take necessary steps to improve this situation. The long distance between Uttara and central Dhaka yearns for better transport system, bus service, etc.
These types of articles are necessary to call the attention of the authorities. Thanks again to SWM and the writer for bringing to light the undesirable metamorphosis of Uttara.
Aditi Sen
Dept. of Civil Engineering


'A Model Town in a Mess' was a well-timed cover story, which unerringly revealed the predicament of the urban people's lifestyle of these model towns. As I unfortunately live in a model town, I regularly face these problems.
The story reminded me of the moment when I was appearing for my first year honours final exam. At that time, a building was being constructed beside my house, and the whole day the sounds of piling and other construction work disrupted my studies.
I want to thank the reporter Polash Khan for doing this story.
Md. Maidul Islam
Department of English, DU

Not the Way Out
I want to thank Kajalie Shehreen Islam for writing the outstanding article "Not the way out". The basic reasons for suicides in our country were skilfully laid out.
Chronic depression is certainly a clinical condition, which may eventually lead a patient to committing suicide. Those who have attempted to commit suicide should be given love and support to overcome their suicidal tendency. Rebukes will only make matters worse. They should be encouraged to talk about their problems.
As Dr Mahmudur Rahman has said, in our country people seldom find a place to share their thoughts.
Suicide certainly is not the solution to any sort of problem. By being more sympathetic to depressed or anxiety ridden people we can save many lives from being lost prematurely.
Md Shahanur Rashid
Salimullah Road

Mourn for the Legendary Poet
Shamsur Rahman, the immortal poet, artist of eternal songs, was a spirited personality. This feisty heart, engrossed in quest of free life, always spoke about truth, beauty and justice.
He taught us how to love and how to dream good dreams. Till his last breath he showed the people light, truth and justice. We have become indigent, errant and helpless without him. The shadow of blessings has been taken away from us by his absence.
His departure was a great shock to the whole nation. This venerable poet was an honest and fearless leader and a visionary of independent Bangladesh. He always dreamt of a beautiful, independent and corruption-free Bangladesh and always used his pen in this endeavour. It is unquestionable that he was the best contemporary poet of Bangladesh. The contributions he made for this country will never be forgotten. Let us pray for his departed soul and make an effort in fulfilling his dream of making a beautiful Bangladesh.
Moin Syed
Computer Science & Engineering Dept.

On “Be You: Because it's You”
Though I foster a philosophy of “Be different and loud, stand out from the crowd”, I am usually a pessimistic person before whom solely limitations, failures as well as disappointments are always displayed.
This view is about to differ after I have read the article “Be U: Because It's U” of Aftab Mahmud Khurshid (August 4, 2006) who helped me to discover myself anew.
I have derived an enthusiastic mental stamina from this write-up. I also tremendously feel the reality of the line, the writer mentioned, 'life is a roller coaster on it I just get to ride'. I want to thank the writer and SWM. I long for more similar articles that can change a person's frame of mind.
M Alauddin Ansary
Zahurul Haque Hall, DU

Chintito's Reply
This goes out to Rebecca Sultana (SWM letters, 11 August).
It is not for me to restrain your judgement about my identity, but the person you saw in the photograph from the Launching Ceremony of the book “Chintito a 'stir' is born” is the editor of the book, whose identity has been more than exposed, including in the credit line of the publication. He has been advisory sports editor of the newspaper for five years and continues to be Consultant, Urban Issues. He is an architect and teaches at BUET.
Your conclusion perhaps emanates from a version of the middle-term-fallacy logic, whereby you grafted the story-heading (5 Aug) 'Chintito' donates… and the picture-caption “Professor Nizamuddin Ahmed, editor of the book…” (Mentioned also in the first line of the news item) to conclude that one must be the other.
The editor took the initiative to sell 300 copies of the book at an enhanced price of Taka 1000 and donate the entire amount to Mosabbir Cancer Care Centre. And that has been achieved with the support and generosity of many a lion heart.
Since nobody could reach me, I took it upon me in February this year to interview myself (call that image problem) and in response to a query said that “The fabricated individual I have in mind has the patriotism of Bangabandhu, the simplicity of Gandhi, the vocabulary of Nazrul, the valour of the unknown freedom fighter, the innocence of 1969's Shaheed Matiur, the bohemianism of a fakir, the ingenuity of Leonardo da Vinci, the posture of a Royal Bengal tiger, the humour of Bhanu, the romanticism of Rabindranath.”
And thus I cannot exist like you do. I wish I could. So please wipe that face (he is otherwise an okay guy) and keep on reading; I would not survive without you.
(Psst! All of you!)
Yours sincerely
Chintito (11 Aug)

A superb inspiration for new gardeners
After reading 'Joy of Gardening' (August 11, 2006) by Azizul Jalil, I cannot help but express my own reflections on it. I want to thank the writer for presenting us with such a splendid piece of instructive writing from an experienced gardener.
The writer compares the collecting and planting of various flowers in his times and his father times very thoroughly. He also talks about some of the common flowers and vegetables very beautifully. His presentation might be passive but meticulously instructive. I think his article is a great inspiration and reference for new gardeners.
S.M.Sanowar Hussan
Department of English, MC University College

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