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     Volume 5 Issue 110 | September 1, 2006 |

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Dhaka Diary

An awkward experience
A few days ago, I went to Dhanmondi Lake with a friend. I was immersed in the conversation and didn't notice the green algae all over the place. I stepped on it and slipped and fell. To my surprise, instead of helping me up, everyone around me started to laugh. I was embarrassed and didn't know where to hide my face. I left the place in a hurry and didn't know what to say. I think that people should be a little more considerate towards others and the authorities at the Dhanmondi Lake should also see to it that the paths made for the walkers should not have any kind of obstruction which may hinder the walker in any way.
Taslina Shahrin Tinni
Manarat International School

Smoking passengers
This incident occurred when I was on my way to Hazaribagh from Gulistan by a Maxi, a four stroke Leguna. Maxis usually stop and take passengers from anywhere on the street. I got on the maxi and sat next to the driver. The seat next to me was empty. Just then, a passenger gave a signal on the road and asked the maxi to stop for him. The driver stopped, but then moved on without taking the passenger on. This shocked me since the seat was empty and the driver seemed to ignore it as he moved on. It seems that the passenger on the road was smoking. The driver had specifically asked him to get on without the cigarette, but the passenger refused. The driver thus moved on. He seemed to be very strict with this principle and surprisingly went away with an empty seat. Though he is just a driver, illiterate or otherwise, his conscience about smoking is definitely praiseworthy.
Khalid Ahsan (Babu)

Inferiority Complex
Ever since I was a child, I have always seen my father helping my mother out with household chores. He would also bring us from school and coaching classes. The other day, my mother was having a chat with my younger sister's friend's mother. She was telling my mother how she should not make my father help her with the household chores, since he was a man. I was shocked at what she was saying. Even in this day and age, if women keep thinking that they are inferior to men and the concept of a husband and wife cooperating is actually funny to them, how can we fight for the proper establishment of women's rights?
Jafrin Jahed Jiti
Shiddeshwari Lane


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