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     Volume 5 Issue 117 | October 20, 2006 |

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Photo Feature

Eid Shopping Spree

Zahedul I. Khan

As the long-awaited Eid approaches, shopping malls all over the city are warming up with a barrage of urbanites going into frenzied bouts of buying. Buying for the children, for the parents, for nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles, friends and acquaintances, household help or anyone who is considered important enough to be given a gift including oneself. Glittering trinkets and sparkling saris adorn the shops enticing the shoppers as they anxiously search and jostle through the crowds.

The younger shopper looks for the perfect kameez, the male shopper for the perfect kurta while assorted crowds throng a boutique selling Bangladeshi-only clothes -- all a part of the pre-Eid ritual.

With more and more shopping malls cropping up in the cities offering air-conditioned comfort and escalator convenience, the middle class and wealthier urbanites prefer to go to them to get their well-in-advance or last-minute buying done this holiday season. Whether it's a gaudy, jazzy, foreign-made shalwar kameez or sari or the galore of costume jewellery and accessories the shopping mall is the ultimate destination this Eid.


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