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     Volume 5 Issue 117 | October 20, 2006 |

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Charmed with Churis

Hana Shams Ahmed

This Eid, whether you choose to wear a sari, or opt for a more comfortable fatua and jeans, whether you buy your kamiz from one of the designer stores or get your clothes tailor-made, at the end of the day it will all boil down to how you choose to adorn your hands. The charm of churis (bangles) was always there, and promises to be one of the focal points for girls and women of all ages at this year's Eid shopping.

When thinking of churis, the first place that comes to mind is Chadni Chawk the heaven for churi-lovers. And if you are in the habit of haggling, you are sure to come out with a deal, but with Eid so close by you might have to reserve your bartering techniques for some other time. The bottom line is - if you like it, just go and get it. Glass churis or reshmi churis have an age-old appeal about them. They are simple, yet gorgeous. If you don't want to look too conspicuous but at the same time keep your hands full, it is advisable to go for the simplicity of reshmi churis. You can go creative with a little mix and match of colours if you want to take things one step further. But to really rev things up there is nothing like glitter churis with a little creative mixing.

Earthen churis or balas are also quite trendy and they go perfectly well with khadis and jamdanis that promise to be quite the rage this Eid with the Dhakaites' much enhanced awareness of the local handloom industry. Boutiques like Nipun, Arannya, Kay Kraft and Banglar Mela have done quite a remarkable job of promoting local fabrics and doing so in style. Earthen churis come in all different sorts from plain, simple ones to ornamented ones with mirror-work and beads that come in all different colours.

But if metal is your thing, and you are willing to spend a good amount of your Eid shopping budget on making your ensemble complete with a touch of glamour then the shopping centres all over the city have quite the treat in store for you. These churis, mostly imported from India and Pakistan will have you checking yourself out in front of the mirror every now and then. With stones, beads, pearls, glitter and a huge range of colours to choose from, it will be difficult indeed to pick the right one for your dress. Although they are rather costly, unlike glass churis they will last much longer and are really worth the investment. For an evening party you might very well want to go for metal churis with jhumkas and stones. Eastern Plaza is one of the favourite spots for these extraordinary finds. Aarong and some shops in Chadni Chawk also boast a wide range of silver balas for an elegant, chic look. For those who are more into gold jewellery but would not like to attract the unwarranted attention that is brought on from wearing real gold, City gold bangles are the perfect substitute.

After all considerations are made and you finally go to your churi shop of choice, don't forget to buy some for the little ones in your family. Nothing delights them more than a set of colourful baubles hanging from their little hands.




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