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     Volume 5 Issue 119 | November 10, 2006 |

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Pseudo Patriotism
Our leaders are always talking about how much they love the people of our country. But unfortunately they are the greatest hypocrites in the world.
On October 27, 2006, what the whole nation witnessed was absolutely inhuman. A worker of a party was beaten to death with oars and sticks. It does not matter which party this man belonged to.
What mattered was that a human being was beaten to death in front of so many people and nothing was done about it. Not even animals are slaughtered this mercilessly. The so-called patriots of our country could have avoided the incidents but didn't. After witnessing this gruesome killing will the people of our country still listen to the pseudo-patriotic speeches of our political leaders?
Eskaton Gardens, Dhaka

I want to thank Aasha Mehreen Amin, Elita Karim and Nader Rahman for their good work on the cover story (October 20, 2006). The comparison of the attitudes of the young people about religion was excellent. Everyone who has participated in this discussion is correct from their view. But with all due respect I would like to add some of my views and I hope nobody will take it negatively.
Islam is not about having a special get-up and reading your prayers five times a day. It is a complete life style. If we want to follow Islam we have to study the religion which really does not take a long time. In Islam faith alone is not complete. It comprises faith, prayer and expression. If we only have faith and neglect prayer and expression then the mullahs will win. In Islam everything done by humans is a prayer if one starts it in the name of Allah.
But there is still time! We, the new educated generation who excel in different occupations should not make the same mistake as our respected previous generations. We should take control of Islam so that we are no longer misled by incapable people.
Thanveer Hassan Jitu
Bokshibazar, Dhaka

Well Done, Habib
Habib Wahid, the sensational music composer and singer is the recent craze in our music industry. After the tremendous success of his previous albums, Habib has once again come back to the limelight this Eid with his new album 'Shono'. The fans appreciated his move to not remix old songs in this latest album.
And it is not only the youth but older people who have appreciated Habib's compositions. His unique methods and special appeal have totally changed the concept of music in our country.
It's a pity that other than Habib, there are very few people in our music industry who have studied music. I'm wishing all the best to Habib on behalf of his all the fans for giving us a perfect Eid gift with his outstanding new album.
Nazmus Saquib
Mayakanan, Basaboo,

A tale of great misery and destruction
Thanks to SWM and its writers for the well-written cover story on the recent political situation of the country (November 3, 2006) which is worsening everyday. As the election is nearing, the political parties are becoming more active. But are they serving well?
People trying to get back home after the Eid holidays had to face a lot of problems. Our honourable leaders always speak about how their efforts are aimed for the betterment of the common people. What a joke! All they are doing is manipulating the lives of the common people. Why else would our everyday lives be hampered by their activities?
Now that the caretaker government has taken power we hope that they will perform their duties properly. Otherwise all hope will be lost. The country in which Dr. Yunus won the Nobel Prize for peace must not go to waste.
Shirin Sharmin Bubly
Dept. of Civil Engineering

Save a moribund university
SUST (Shahjalal University of Science and Technology) is turning to dust. But no one is paying heed. Most of our (reverent!) teachers and politicians are engaged in filthy politics. Nowadays they are sides of the same coin. They are destroying thousands of lives. All they care about is their quality of life and not about the students' welfare. Does their conscience never prick them?
We have spent a sizeable portion (six and a half years) of our lives at SUST but are yet to graduate. We are groping our way in the darkness, insecure about our future. Who can save us at this juncture? Who will break the deadlock?
Raihan Bhuiyan
Dept. of English

Shafiq Rehman: Triumphs and Tragedies
I am totally shocked and dismayed by the recent acts of Shafiq Rehman, a distinguished journalist of our country. I have been an avid reader of his weekly Jai Jai Din for the last five years.
Jai Jai Din was not just another conventional weekly, it was thoroughly appreciated by a strata of people from distinct age groups for its analytical writings. Its editorial, "Diner Por Din", was perhaps the most signatory piece of Rehman's talents. He managed to bring up the burning issues of the week through the conversation of two friends; even his harsh criticisms had humour in them to rattle our funny bones. He also pioneered reader's empowerment in the magazine. His weekly also presented to the readers a variety of special editions, one of which even popularised Valentines Day in our country.
Even though his readers didn't like his magazine's partisan role in politics, they never left him for the sheer delight of going through his innovative writings. His writings were so powerful and captivating, they even managed to propel and aid BNP's campaign in 2001.
His talk show, even though premiering in BTV, was also a smash hit-with his lively presentations and innovative ideas. It is a pity that such an illustrious career had to bow out on a low note amid mysterious situations.
Nayeem Islam
The Aga Khan School, Dhaka

Dr. Yunus, please save us!
In my humble opinion, it is high time we had a new set of political leaders as well as parties, since the major political parties, while promising a makeover for the sake of the citizens with reforms and initiatives, revert to their former (and current) selves as soon as they are elected, ignoring the promises they made to the masses to get them elected as our government. I am truly sick and tired of seeing the same two women, with their fawning male entourage, dominating our boring and dull politics.
I personally think Dr. Yunus should form a new political party. With a background in commerce and finance, he can very well propel Bangladesh way up in the financial markets. I do not think he should join the caretaker government. Why bother making temporary reforms while in a temporary ruling position for the next government to sweep all the efforts under the carpet and not promote his visions? He ought to challenge the political leaders for the premier position in politics and continue to put Bangladesh in the spotlight, only this time it would be in a positive light if Dr. Yunus is elected as PM.
Sumaiyah Afrin

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