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     Volume 6 Issue2 | January 19, 2007 |

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The speech of hope and opportunity


It is only sheer 'versatility' I use a polite word (Or was it one's position at the end of a double-barrel, we will perhaps never know!) that could transform overnight one from being the advocate in totality of one political alliance to apparently that of the opposing coalition. His pre-midnight speech said it all.

In the end if you will have to accept on television all that have been requested over a thousand times (albeit against a gradually thickening wall), be it because of growing public agitation, or the changing voice of the administration, or a well-publicised push from Bush, or the (thank God) re-awakening of your conscience, the deaths and injury of scores of citizens (believe me they are more innocent than many of our ministers) have been a pointless sacrifice. The admission though does give legitimacy to all that have been demanded, and does point the finger also at your unbending counsellors, not necessarily those appointed by you from the post that you had to so heavy-footedly relinquish.

The wealth and time wasted by the people and the country are no longer taken into reckoning, as they have long ceased to be meaningful parameters among the saner section of the population in their seemingly losing battle against the union of the corrupt. But the fight must go on. No one should lose heart except the fraudulent.

The nation is now breathing as one does on the morning after giving up smoking for twenty long years, but not before a lot of smoke had shrouded the environment.

We have come to live on lies that are being justified by people in our highest appointments, and as a nation that is suicidal. Every political party should vow that no liar who smiles and lies should ever again be made a minister, or if the northern boss returns as president as his deputy, although vice suits him better.

The justice department in the hands of such a vile character will never be separated. Isn't it an irony that a country that has successfully been divided, albeit unequally, in almost every sphere was unable to separate the judiciary?

Illegitimate election, declaration of national emergency on political grounds and military rule are not matters that augur well any more in world public opinion, among the people and those governments.

While some of our former ministers were boasting even hours before the 'speech' that Bangladesh does not go by the dictate of other countries, which is all a very welcome statement, the fact remains that those countries were not talking like 'stupid' people. They made sense and in the end sense and sensibility prevailed.

Temporary-ness is built into the word 'emergency' and that it should be, for the longer such an exceptional situation is allowed to percolate, the darker the state of affairs or affairs of the state will be.

Our armed forces are now more advanced, more learned and more mature. They have seen much of the disturbed world. To them the interest of the country and thereby its people are foremost, as has so far been amply illustrated. The nation waits with abating breath their next move, or should it be 'no move', to be able to give them the all clear 'good boy' certificate.

Perhaps the greatest mistake we can make from here onward is fantasizing that all has become well with no alteration anywhere, even within our individual self, then corruption and the corrupt we resurface from under the dusty carpet. Should that happen the righteous should be overwhelmed for good and returning to sanity shall be extremely tedious. The administration, the police, and top appointments at all forms of institutions need to be severely overhauled.

The changes will be beneficial to all. For only those who are insecure because of past deeds, or who have no following among the people the source of power they are only afraid to venture on a level playing field.

The speech has given us a window of opportunity. We should look through it and decide to mend our fences and spruce up the garden within. For only then angels shall tread amidst us.

The speech has also given us hope of establishing democracy at al levels national, party and self. The primary reason for which is there appeared a 'think-tank' behind the speech that has drafted a very important sermon patriotically, selflessly and in a non-partisan manner attributes that have gradually disappeared from the annals of our national politics.

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