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     Volume 6 Issue 3 | January 26, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

The Caged Birds of Paradise
It is a sad fact that there are people who fail to understand the value of saving the wild birds of our country. Just the other day, when I was crossing a pet-market on the roadside, I felt terrible to see a rare species of colourful parakeets in a cage for sale. There were at least ten of them in a congested steel cage. The fact that customers were flocking near the cage was even worse. I could only pity the colourful birds. It is really cruel the way people capture these wild birds from the forests only for money. They should at least be aware that this is damaging the nature and the wildlife of our country. If we do not save it, who will?

Suraiya Sayeed Gazi
Greenherald International School

A Meaningless Queue
The other day I went to BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) to extend our car's fitness certification. As always I placed the car in the queue so that the authority could check the car and allow the fitness extension. Having waited for about 45 minutes in the queue, I approached the officer, who was in charge of inspecting the vehicles. I found him signing a pile of papers, which belonged to other car owners, whose cars were not even in the waiting queue. Instantly, I along with other car owners got furious and asked the officer, "What is the meaning of such a long queue, if it makes no sense?" I request the BRTA to be honest in inspecting the vehicles and not to harass the automobile owners by keeping them waiting in a queue for hours.

Md. Badiuzzaman Tamal

Diary from Chittagong

Music used on rides
Last Eid, I took my nephew and niece to one of the best amusement parks in town. I bought two 'Kids - all you can ride' tickets for the excited children and got inside the park. After a while, when we had only one ride left, I asked a guard to show me the way to the particular ride since I could not locate it. However, as we got closer to the ride, I heard an English song being played while the ride was going on. The words used in the song were filthy. I was left speechless when I heard the song and wondered how on earth this song could be played like this in a children's park! The song can never be suitable for our kids. I kept wondering as to how the authorities could select such a song for a kids' ride?

Agrabad, Chittagong

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