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     Volume 6 Issue 4 | February 2, 2007 |

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Superb Cover Story!
First of all I would like to thank the SWM team for their excellent cover story on “The Big Mess” (January 19, 2006). The wonderful write-up and the interesting cartoons were very enjoyable. This movie had the capability of attracting viewers from different age groups, mentality, religion and nationality (and that too without the presence of a television).
To all the winners, those nominated and who had significant contributions- you made us really proud and quite popular worldwide. Despite all that, we believe we have had enough entertainment and do not want to see a sequel of such a blockbuster in the future. We pray that the ending remains happy forever and the young generation learns to be patriotic. Hopefully you, the leaders, will lead us in the right path for everyone's sake.

Outstanding SWM!
As time goes by my fondness for the SWM is growing. In fact I am a somewhat fickle-minded person, but I have seen that in the last 15 months the SWM has been resisting my fickle mind and I have been reading it as attentively as possible. It is certain that the SWM is the greatest and most popular English magazine in Bangladesh.
To be a successful magazine, it needs to be creative and unconventional. SWM is certainly this. Every section of this magazine is outstanding and the cover story in almost every issue is thought provoking and well written.
Abbas Tulon
Shyamoli, Dhaka

On “Revolution Television”
The cover story “Revolution Television” (January 20, 2007) written by Kajalie Shehreen Islam was a timely endeavour. The author depicted in detail the overall state of the TV channels in our country.
At one time, BTV was the only source of all kinds of entertainment and news. Nowadays, due to the availability of cable connection and BTV's poor quality it has lost its popularity and acceptability. Most people prefer to watch the private channels.
I strongly second the views expressed by Reaz Ahmed about BTV in the cover story. The concerned authority of the BTV have a lot to do. If they want to get back BTV's lost popularity, they must maintain neutrality in covering news and making other programmes. Besides, BTV must be given autonomy to get rid of the ill influence of the ruling party. Several private channels also sometimes air controversial reports. They must also remain neutral.
Golam Mostafa
Fatikchhari College

Hazaribagh Dissected
I would like to thank Durdana Ghias for her feature “Hazaribagh's Smelly Hell Hole”. I was brought up near the place, at BDR Gate no1 and the stinking smell was always at arm's length.
The sewerage system and the water supply lines are in a horrible condition there. The local authority seems to be struggling to maintain the infrastructure within a crime-ridden atmosphere.
I think the local authority needs help at the national level. Since leather earns a huge amount of foreign currency for the country and the only leather technological institute is situated in this area, I think the government should take extra care to improve the infrastructure of the area. It should also help the existing tanneries to reorganise in order to minimise air pollution in the area.
If Bangladesh Rifles opens their areas more to public use, it would improve the communication there. BDR has already opened the schools for the public.
We are hoping to see a cover story on the area soon (as SWM did a cover story on Uttara).
Kamil Khan
Bethnal Green Road, London

Shortage of Nurses
It is really depressing news that due to a dearth of qualified and professional nurses in our country many hospitals are resorting to hiring nurses from foreign countries in order to provide their patients with better services. By doing so they are not only depriving our people of the job but are draining out a lot of hard-earned foreign currency.
I think we have tremendous potential in this field and we can use our manpower by grooming them to be professional nurses in our country provided the government as well as the private entrepreneurs come forward by setting-up more nursing schools and colleges to alleviate the problem in this important sector.
Firstly, we have to have standard nurse training schools and colleges run by professionals. Secondly, we have to launch an awareness campaign to aspiring students that nursing is a noble profession. It is not true that people only from lower ranks join this profession. We have to infuse in them the message that nursing as a profession is well accepted and respected by people all over the world. Thirdly, and most importantly, the authorities must increase their emoluments and allowances in such a manner that they don't feel discriminated. Their colleagues must treat them with respect. A nurse should be well trained so that in case of an emergency and in the absence of a doctor they may act as paramedics. I hope all these factors will definitely encourage people to take up this profession more seriously.
Humayun Hyder
Jigatola, Dhaka

Congratulations Fakhruddin Ahmed
CA Fakhruddin Ahmed's Sunday night speech to the nation has inspired us to dream of a positive and progressive Bangladesh through a credible and acceptable general election with the participation of all the major political parties. His speech was totally based on the current circumstances and his proposed method of solving the political impasse has been highly appreciated by everyone.
So far the moves his government has taken also indicates that he has the will and determination to take us out of polluted politics. Moreover, the general people of this country are feeling a lot more secure now that they no longer have to go through any more blockades or hartals and no longer have to witness any violence on the streets.
The footpaths are no longer in control of the hawkers. The so-called syndicate seems to be no longer in operation and the price spiral of essentials has come down remarkably. The controversial CEC MA Aziz has also resigned from his post and the reconstitution of the election commission is now just a matter of time. So we have all the indications for a peaceful resolution of all the disputes of the major political alliances Fakhruddin Ahmed deserves our kudos for doing all this. He is definitely on the right track now.
Nazmus Saquib
Bashabo, Dhaka

In last week's issue the contents indicated an article 'Sir John Wilson - A Humanist and Visionary' on page 28 which has been published in this issue on page 29. The mistake is regretted.

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