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     Volume 6 Issue 5 | February 9, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

The Smile
This incident took place on a Friday. I was at my coaching centre giving a mock exam. After the exam ended, my friends and I went out to have lunch. We were very tired and as I stepped out on to the road, a boy of my age came running to me and started asking for alms. At first I ignored him. Then he said that he had a brother who couldn't walk. So I gave him a Tk. 5 note. As I was starting to leave, I saw a small child on a wheelchair. He was very adorable, and as I bent down to talk to him, I found out that he was the brother of the boy whom I met a few moments ago. Talking to the little kid, I suddenly realised that there are thousands of children in our country who don't even get the basic necessities in life, like food and clothes to stay alive. I didn't have much money with me. So I gave the kid the can of coke, which I was about to drink. While he was taking the drink, he gave me a sweet smile. And on that very day, for the first time in my life, I was proud of being a human being.

Redwan Islam Orittro
Maple Leaf Int. School

Why are we like this
A few days ago, I was going to Shegun Bagicha. One of my friends who was from Nepal was accompanying me. Being a new comer to this country he was questioning me about several things related to our culture, political policies and systems etc. Meanwhile our rickshaw was passing by the road in front of the high court. My friend pointed towards the main entrance of the high court and asked me what the structure represented. As usual, beggars, cigarette vendors, small tea stalls, people of various types busy gossiping, rickshaws parked here and there, all together gave the place an impression of nothing better than a mere hut. I some how managed to divert his attention to something else and saved myself from answering an embarrassing question. I just did not want to inform him that the particular structure in question was the centre of our judicial system, one of the very few things we can be proud of. The high court is a place that demands some sort of respect from us. By keeping the main entrance of the court in such a situation, we are not only disrespecting our judicial system but also proving ourselves ignorant.


Diary from Chittagong
The midnight maniacs!
It is a sad fact that people (educated ones) who are supposed to live and let others live do exactly the opposite. With the winter season in place wedding ceremonies are taking place at full pace. It is a very romantic time for such occasions in the urban areas. On such occasions, people organise many kinds of events that include noise-making musical concerts on the rooftops of their respective buildings. To the utter dismay and sufferings of the others, the occasions continue to all through the night with its entire clamour that is caused by a band party, along with a mad outburst of screaming and shouting. They not only damage the civic right of others' privacy but also show a blatant disregard the civic norms of society. During such a situation the other night, I had a bizarre experience! It was at an apartment just beside mine. Having lost all patience at about two at night I approached some of the young men there. What they said to me was, " Bhaia (brother) it's a marriage occasion and just once in a life time occasion!" I failed to convince the midnight maniacs otherwise. I wonder when and how such people would be respectful to others' rights.

Rafiqul Islam Rime
Agrabad, Chittagong

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