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     Volume 6 Issue5 | February 9 , 2007 |

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I've passed the H.S.C this year and tried my best to get admitted into Dhaka University. But I failed. Meanwhile I got involved with a girl of the same age who admitted to the Rajshahi University. In fact, I got accepted in the English department at RU. My family now knows about this girl and assumes that I would want to study English at RU only for the sake of this relationship. They've now said that they'll not give any money if I go to RU. But there is no other way for me. What should I do? I am really in a fix about this.

Dear Ring,
Take the problem to your parents and ask them to advise as to what you should do. If your parents have a better solution then try to adjust to it. After all you are very young and this is the time to think of your career. If there is absolutely no other option than studying in RU then your parents will surely understand. Parents do want the best for their children and they are naturally concerned that you will neglect your studies if you go away. It is for you to convince them that your studies is also your first piority.

Dear Mita,
I am a 3rd year student of BAU, Mymensingh, highly ambitious about my career. I know that I need to work very hard to achieve my goals. In fact, I was on my way to doing just that. However, recently I don't know what has been happening to me recently. I am just loosing my consistency of mind and willpower. I can understand that there are important issues to look at and work on, but I go about just wasting my time here and there instead of taking any action. I am a smoker and trying to give up the habit but am unable to do so. I am annoyed with my behaviour and myself. I need your help.
Jewel Rana

Dear Rana,
Everyone goes through such phases, it is part of growing up. Life cannot be smooth all the way, you will face some bumpy roads in your journey of life, the most important things is how you handle it. Give yourself time, not too much and then decide that enough is enough and you need to get hold of your life. Get your concentration back, identify what is bothering you. Seek help from a friend or cousin, find pleasure in little things such as helping a needy person. Most importantly, count your blessings, think of those people who never got any opportunity leave alone wasting it. As I said, this is just a phase and will soon pass.

Dear Mita,
I am a 21-year-old boy and am studying in a private university. I am very studious and ambitious as well. My problem is that most of my classmates laugh at my accent and make fun of my ways since I come from the village. In fact, nobody considers me as a good friend either. Some of the students who come from an elite background, don't care about me at all and ignore my presence. The time I spend at university, I feel isolated and alienated in the world of mixed culture and money. How can I get over this depression?

Dear Isolated,
This must be very hard on you but you know what? You will have the last laugh, I can guarantee you that. Keep on working hard, stay determined and let nothing take you away from your goal. At the same time try to improve your accent by taking audio visual English courses or speaking courses. Your accent will improve soon. However, your priority should be your studies and as you excel your self confidence will take you ahead of your class mates.



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