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     Volume 6 Issue 5 | February 9, 2007 |

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Interpretation of Dreams

Ahmede Hussain

Advocate Nagmul Huda alias CNG Huda
A lot of things may happen to you if you see this beleaguered politician in your dream; studies have shown that this actually depends on in what posture Huda comes to the beholder of the dream.

If you see him riding a CNG chances are there that you will be forced to buy things at a higher price. A dreamer has complained that after seeing him sit in front of a CNG auto rickshaw, in, what she now says, a nightmare, she has been sold one Kilogram of aubergine at 500 taka. Though she denies revealing the circumstances in which she has bought the vegetable at such an exorbitant price, we have come across numerous examples likes hers. The situation turns grave for any CNG driver who sees Huda in his sleep: one such driver has lost his job, his parents have disinherited him, his wife has left him for a blind man, both his sons have become addicted to alcohol, his only daughter has committed suicide-- all these have happened only after Shamsul Haque, the poor driver, one day, like a vision, saw Huda standing at a CNG stand near Shahbagh.

You are lucky if you are married and a woman. On your wedding anniversary, your husband will give you a huge plot of a government-owned land.

If you are a government official and susceptible to bribery, after seeing Huda you may start accusing every honest person of corruption, which will make you an object of everyone's mockery.

Seeing Huda may also cause obesity; consult your general physician if your appetite (for food, money, other's property) has increased significantly in the last few days.

Be careful if you are toying with the idea of start dealing in CNG-run vehicles.

To ward off the omen, the dreamer can try to join the Grameen Bank and do some voluntary work for three months.

Abdul Jalil alias Mr Complicated (Jotil)
Beware of your business partners if this person has been haunting your dream lately. Apart from ruining your business this may cause you to have a slurred voice and an uneven growth of hair in the most unlikely places of your body. Studies have shown that the victims sometimes become prone to mood swings, erratic behaviour like trying to walk on hands and a severe bout of halitosis.

If you see him in the morning, immediately before the Azan, and if you are facing the north while dreaming, chances are there that you will wake up from anonymity to being the proud owner of a Bank. But this is an extreme case, and readers are warned of taking this kind of dream lightly.

Mosaddek Ali Falu alias the Chosen One
Only those who are blessed and gifted see such an individual in one's sleep, because if this person comes to you in your dream, within one or two years you are going to own two television channels, a newspaper, and properties worth billions of taka.

Your father may be a gravedigger, you may be a petty thug or a small-time criminal yourself, but once this person graces your dream with his presence you are sure to hit the jackpot. We do not know what prompts one's brain to see such a dream, one that will bestow a fortune, but studies have shown that people who have had such a vision usually have put the photo of Khaleda Zia on their bedside table. But that may not always work, we have had someone who has not seen Falu in his dream even though he carries Khaleda's photo in his purse.

Sickle and Hammer
The sight of the symbol of the Communist Party will bring you sheer bad luck.

After struggling with life, you are quite close to a happy and prosperous life, lady luck is about to wink at you, then you see a sickle and hammer, entwined and menacing, and you are done for.

You will become lonely and lost; your friends (irrespective of their gender) will leave you; and to make it worse, your dear ones will join hands with your enemies; you will fall into an identity crisis. In extreme cases, victims are reported to have been seen standing alone in strange clothes at different intersections of the city streets.

To ward off the ill omen readers can try reading Ershad's collection of poems "Kanak Prodip Jalo" (A person, to avert seeing the symbol in her dream,has written a poem called 'Kanak Prodip Nibhao'), or William Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Victims who have said, “Privatise Chittagong Port now” in every ten sentence they have uttered (like a famous Economist who has recently won a prestigious prize) in the first two days after seeing the symbol have been successful in avoiding any further catastrophe.

Muhammad Ershad Hossain alias Piyara
This interpretation is particularly for men who are married.

If you see Ershad surrounded by a legion of models (it will worsen the situation if they are supermodels), you will soon get married to a fashion designer. This move, which will be your (officially) second marriage, will spell disaster in your private and professional life. Two successful women will use you like the way some people use their domestic animal; at times you will feel like a mule, clumps of carrots you are going to see dangling before your nose. Not that you have been a nice human being before, but your plight will evoke others sympathy but they are going to do very little to help you out of what can fairly be described as misery.

To dissuade this frightful fiend from coming to your dream you can put a poster of Noor Hossain and Dr Milan on the wall of your bedroom.

All the characters and places described in this humour piece are fictitious; any resemblance to any person or creature living or dead or in military custody is purely coincidental.

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