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     Volume 6 Issue 7 | February 23, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

Rab Nabs Couples
I heard this from my aunt. It happened last Eid-ul fitr when a couple was spending time together just like many other couples do on Eid. They were walking in front of the 'Bangabandhu museum' at Dhanmondi-32 when a small team of RAB noticed them. Although the couple were not doing anything indecent, for some strange reasons the RAB halted them. Eventually they were asked about their relationship; but being scared they couldn't say a word (they couldn't even lie to them!). Then their cell phones were ceased and instantly their families were informed. The parents of the girl denied any sort of relationship with the boy. They took the young man to give him suitable punishment. Is this what we call proper maintenance of law and order?

The Young Vendor
This incident took place when I was coming out of the Book Fair. There was a long line of eager visitors starting from the TSC. And there were also some peanuts, snacks and chocolate vendors who were trying to sell their ware to the people waiting at the queue. But what caught my attention was a small child, who couldn't even speak properly. He had a plastic bowl in his hands, which was full of candies, and he was trying very hard to sell his sweets. What surprised me the most was that some students were mocking the child. They took the candies from his hands and were keeping them out of his reach. My cousin became very angry and went forward to do something about it. But before we could say anything to them, they returned the sweets to the child, and walked away. As I returned home, I couldn't help wonder how we can call ourselves civilised when we don't even know how to treat people who are unable to protest.
Redwan Islam Orittro
Maple Leaf Int. School

An everyday event
A few days ago, when I was about to take a rickshaw from my usual spot, I saw an unusual gathering of people. I went through the crowd and saw a man bleeding badly from his head and lying on the road unable to stand. I was shocked to see people just giving a glance and going on. No one was giving any importance to a life that could be saved with a little help! Though I asked some people for help, they simply said that they had informed the police. May be that is what is happening all over the country and we are just letting people die in front of our eyes.

Fahmida Akram

Dilu Road, Moghbazar


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