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     Volume 6 Issue 22 | June 8, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

Medical Certificates to the Rescue

The other day, I was waiting for a friend when suddenly one of my classmates appeared before me with a wide smile on his face. He certainly had something in mind and seemed very pleased with himself. When I asked him, his story shocked me. It seems that some students including him missed an exam because they were unaware of the change in the schedule. They claimed that they were ill and therefore missed the exam. To appear for the make up exams, the students would have to show medical certificates to prove their ill health. I was astonished and shocked when my friend showed me the series of medical certificates that he had in store from reputable hospitals in the city. Other than AIDS, he probably has a certificate for every man-known disease or illness ever to have emerged on the face of this earth. For this particular event, he submitted a certificate that said that he was suffering from cancer! Moreover, he also offered to help me out if I ever felt the need for a certificate. He would provide me with a medical certificate from a reputable hospital, a genuine signature from a genuine doctor and also a room number to go along with everything else! After that day, I simply lost all faith in the medical centres that are run in the country.

Sahely Sarmin

Money Talks

Who says that you can't buy everything under the sun with money? A few days ago, I, along with my friends, was playing football at the Abahani Field. As we were in the middle of an exciting game, a man came out of the Abahani Club House and asked us to stop our game. Apparently, we were damaging the field and could not play anymore. Crestfallen, we were all walking away, when one of our friends ran to the man and slipped a Tk 20 note into his hands. Looking at the money, the man gave us an embarrassed smile, and told us that we could play as long as we wanted to. I don't know why everyone is always rambling about the devaluation of money. We practically bought half of the Abahani Field with Tk 20!

Redwan Islam Orittro
Maple Leaf Int. School

Cricket Crazy Nation

I was waiting in the hot and humid temperature for a rickshaw to take me to Mirpur Stadium. The battle of the two Asian teams was going on and I was eagerly waiting to watch the cricket match. When luck ultimately favoured me, I found a rickshaw, which swiftly took me to my destination. As soon as I got to the stadium, I found my rickshaw puller and myself purchasing tickets for the match. It's amazing to see the support of fans behind our team. I feel that we have a great future lying ahead of us. With a little hard work, I am sure we can get there.

Purana Paltan

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