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     Volume 6 Issue 22 | June 8, 2007 |

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The cover story of the Star Weekend Magazine ' The Fight to Save CRP' (June 1, 2007) was a very timely step to apprise all who are concerned about CRP. Thanks a lot for the cover story. We hope that the highest state authority of the country dealing with the control of CRP will take immediate steps to save CRP from the clutch of greedy person(s). We thank and appreciate Valerie Taylor for her noble mission.
Mahmud Islam
West Nakhalpara, Dhaka

*** *** ***

The recent incident at CRP has put us in shame. The ill motive to take away the position of Valerie Taylor is really a matter of great disgrace.
From the very beginning, Valerie Taylor has worked tirelessly to fulfill the basic health and treatment facilities of the disabled and paralysed poor people. Valerie Taylor, over 25 years has tried to give treatment facilities and helped them with foreign aid. Only devotion to the institution and love for the people has kept this remarkable lady here for such a long time.
Shirin Sharmin Bubly
Dept. of Civil Engineering

SWM's Praiseworthy Effort
I would like to thank Hana Shams Ahmed for her article 'Waiting for Justice' (May 25, 2007) and the SWM family for their humanitarian and praiseworthy efforts to highlight the sorrows, sufferings and woes of deprived people. I think our society is now realising the importance of women's rights and how indispensible they are. It has been possible because of the conscious role of newspapers. It is now time to be alert individually against such discriminations. The news media has to persistently pursue through pragmatic write-ups to build a 'new Bangladesh'. SWM is on the right path by following through with its relentless endeavours.
Md. Mominul Islam
Arambagh, Dhaka

Restrictions on Satellite Channels
When everybody was hailing this government for taking initiatives to give autonomy to state run BTV and Radio, the shocking news came in the form of a ban on several popular satellite TV channels including the popular local TV channel ETV. It is hard to imagine that some of the popular channels like Ten Sports and B4U will not be available any more!

Like many viewers, I had to watch the final match of the UEFA Champions League on the internet since Ten Sports is no longer available. What is the point of these restrictions? When we are living in the age of the internet, these types of government actions are totally uncalled for. They have no right to put restrictions on people's entertainment. Watching TV is the main source of entertainment for many and this bar on various channels will definitely create a bad impact. We never expected such a move from this progressive-minded government. They should immediately withdraw this action for the sake of millions of frustrated and angry viewers.
Nazmus Saquib
Bashabo, Dhaka

The WB Fiasco
I am shocked to know how corrupt people like Mr. Wolfowitz are at the helm of a reputable organisation like the World Bank. The WB is the largest source of multilateral finance a fruitful product of the Bretton Woods conference. The WB since its inception has helped developing countries to finance infrastructural projects by giving loans. It also makes available useful advice from its experts and attracts economic investors for poor countries. Although he had a considerable role in orchestrating the futility of a massacre in Iraq how could Mr. Wolfowitz commit such a shameless act without any impunity and still expect a respectful farewell? He misused his powers and brought disrepute to the WB! I think from now on the US should stop imposing its candidates for the post of the WB chief. Since the WB is dedicated to helping the poor, its chiefs should come from the developing regions.
Nayeem Islam

The Aga Khan School, Uttara, Dhaka

Jatra's Journey
Anushe Anadil, the famous singer, is a pioneer for launching the organisation Jatra for resuscitating our culture and heritage. She has made handicraft into fashion items. It has taken great strides since its establishment in 2000. I cordially appreciate her efforts. It has also created great employment opportunities. I would like to thank her for opening another branch of Jatra at the port and commercial city of Chittagong.
Belal H Chy

Gift of Sight
I think every reader of the article 'The Gift of Sight' (May25, 2007) will be compelled to think about donating his/her eyes after looking into the eyes of the child on the cover page. Thank you SWM for giving us the light of consciousness through her eyes. No word can match the effort of Sandhani National Eye Donation Society (SNEDS), the main protagonist of the story relentlessly working at such a gigantic task especially in a country where this matter is regarded as a religious taboo.

When an intellectual like Ahmed Sharif donated his body to DMCH, a huge hue and cry was made from religious extremists. But we know many scholars like Ibne Sina advised us to donate our limbs for the advancement of medical science. In a country where donation of blood is misinterpreted, collections of corneas will face huge struggle. If the Imams encourage people about it during the prayers it will get rid of a lot of misconceptions and will have a huge impact on people's mindset. The message should also be spread to university and college students. Sri Lanka is now exporting highest number of corneas as their literacy rate is almost 100%. So if we can educate our people with social values the task will be easier. 526,000 people are suffering from blindness and collection rate by SNEDS is only around 100. These statistics are enough to terrify anyone. But if we work together we will win the struggle. More Shapla, Aliya, Yasin or son of Abu Taher will enjoy the beauty of the world. Thanks again to SNEDS and SWM.
Shakawat Hossain
Department of Accounting
Govt. City College, Chittagong

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