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     Volume 6 Issue 22 | June 8, 2007 |

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CB2 Japanese Robot Child
The Japan Science and Technology Agency recently unveiled their Child-Robot with Biometric Body, or CB2 for short. Designed to mimic a one to two year-old toddler, it senses the environment through optical, auditory, and 200 tactile sensors. The childbot can react, making facial expressions complete with blinking. 51 actuators powered by air assure smooth movements, though the robot can only stand with assistance. Not only does this limited movement give users the complete child experience, it also prevents Asimo incidents on the stairs.

Touch-Sensitive Table
Project Milan is a touch-sensitive table. Dubbed "Surface" and five years in the making, it's set to establish a paradigm of what Microsoft calls "surface computers" which the use touch as the sole method of input. Painting with surface sounds particularly intuitive (and fun): you can use a paint brush or simply dip your fingers into virtual paint cups. Photo resizing and stacking works much like the iPhone's zoom gestures. The capacity for multiple users also attractive. Such sweet tech comes at a price, naturally, with the units costing $10,000 a piece. But Microsoft expects prices to plummet over the next three to five years to the point they'll be in your homes. We have to just wait and see.

Melted Keyboard
This HP keyboard was in the wrong place at the wrong time - specifically at a Canadian lumber mill that was torched in a suspected arson case - so now it looks like an awesome pebble sculpture. Those crazy Canadians seem like they're always setting fire to something, be they lumber mills or puppies.

The Everun UMPC
This is one of the first times we've seen a UMPC shaped vertically, with the keys arranged underneath, but the Everun looks like it might pull off the configuration without being too hard to use. It only weighs one pound, the perfect weight for a UMPC. As for the specs, there's a 600MHz AMD Geode LX 900 processor, touchscreen, Windows XP Home, Wi-Fi, 4.8-inch touchscreen, 800x480 resolution, Bluetooth, stylus, and claims of 6-7 hours battery life with the standard battery, 11-12 hours with the extended battery. If you want to switch it from vertical to landscape mode, that's possible as well - but the keyboard remains on the right.

Sharp's iPod Stereo Also Plays Radio and CDs
If it's compatibility you're after, Sharp's new stereo has you covered on all fronts. In addition to docking with your iPod, the DK-A1H can play MP3s/WMAs, CDs, and even FM/AM radio (remember that?). The stereo has a built-in sub that should provide you with enough audio oomph to fill a studio or a bedroom. It's going for around $300 across the pond.

Inflatable Balls Provide Broadband Connection from Anywhere
Created by Paul Gierow, these portable, inflatable balls each pack a satellite antenna that gives nearby users instant broadband satellite connection. They're designed to be used during emergencies or for disaster relief, where connecting to the outside world can mean life or death. Dubbed the GATR-Com (short for ground antenna transmit and receive) the balls can be inflated and tethered in 15 minutes flat. Don't expect them to replace your WWAN connection though. The GATR-Coms go for $50,000.

Compiled by IMRAN H. KHAN

Source: Gizmodo Online and WIRED

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