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     Volume 6 Issue 26 | July 6, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

Victimised on the Bus
A few days ago I was on my way to Science Laboratory from Mirpur. After a while, I saw words and sentences written on the back of the seats. As I looked closely, I saw all kinds of slang words and even sketches that would embarrass anyone sitting there. The worse part about the whole situation was that names of girls were sprawled all over, along with their phone number and a note, which said: "Please call me", "Want to be my Friend?" etc. There were boys who were taking down these numbers and gleefully making the calls as well. There are so many young people, especially girls who get victimised this way in the country today. I think the authorities should really come forward to prevent this problem for the sake of the girls who become victimised unknowingly and also for the sake of the passengers as well.
Foqrul Islam Munna

The Marvels of Telecommunication
Undoubtedly, the telecom sector has brought about wonders in Bangladesh. Over the last ten years, the call rate has dropped significantly and has reached the purchasing capacity of all classes of people. The importance of a mobile set for the ones belonging to the lower income level was exemplified before me last week. I got on a rickshaw when a few minutes later, the rickshaw-puller asked me about the “F & F” of his subscribed connection. For a while, I was stunned and could not understand as to what exactly he was asking. He brought out his mobile set before me repeating his question. I understood what he was trying to say. Promptly, I delivered my answer, explaining how to go about with the activation. I have to admit, the telecom has become more of a way of life now rather than a symbol of status.
Saad Uddin Md. Wasek
East Malibagh

The Age of the Coaching Centres
Everyday when we, the HSC students step out of our halls after giving the exams, we are always 'greeted' by representatives from all kinds of coaching centres. With huge encouraging smiles, they hand out pamphlets and prospectus of their respective centres. They claim that their respective centre is the best, which they prove with a photograph of the student who had the highest marks the year before, thanks to the coaching centre of course. But sometimes they are adopting unfair means to promote these centres. For instance, I found photographs of the student who secured the highest position in Dhaka University last year in three prospectuses belonging to three different coaching centres. So, whom should we trust?
Md Ziaul Haque
Monipuri Para


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