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     Volume 6 Issue 30 | August 3, 2007 |

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The CG's Minus 2 Formula
The CG's arrest of AL leader Sheikh Hasina on charges of corruption has made the political condition of the country very volatile. I think the government could have avoided this situation during the emergency. CG arrested her on the basis of Azam J. Chowdhury's allegation and confessional statement of Sheikh Salim. I think it's the CG's strategy of implementing the minus 2 formula. The arrest and attempt to tarnish her image clearly points to that.
What the CG is doing may go against their reformation efforts and put the government in a vulnerable position because of mass popularity of Sheikh Hasina. For the betterment of the country CG should refrain from formulating conspiracies against Hasina and Khaleda. And before the application of minus 2 formula the government needs to arrange a referendum for it. Otherwise the whole situation will be a hotchpotch and reform efforts will fail.
Dhaka University

More Details Expected
I want to thank the author of the cover story on Kalim Sharafi (July 20, 2007). The article was easy to read and flows nicely. But unfortunately, it did not talk about his life in detail. There should have been more facts and stories about him. It was more like an interview than a research. The article hardly concentrated on any aspect of his career. It only talked about the early days of his musical career and there's not enough information on his later days. People definitely need to know more about him. The article was very lean compared to the one on Shimul Yousuf. Cover stories should cover more ground about the subject.
Tarif Ezaz
By email

Where Our Priorities Are
It is really disturbing to see in our capital that an ambulance has to whistle away fruitlessly in front of a traffic signal and the dying patient's condition does not get any respect from the law enforcing authorities while at the same time when a VIP car carrying high ranking people are going to arrive the roads are quickly cleared up so that they can pass through without having to face the traffic congestion. So it's very easy to see where our priorities really lie. The authorities should take an initiative to solve this problem so that the injured and ill are given their due respect.
Farhad Kabir
BBB (Markating), Dhaka University

On 'Violating a Woman's Space'
I would like to thank the writer of 'Violating a Woman's Space' (July 20, 2007) for a nice and timely article. After reading it I have started to evaluate my own view towards women. But to be frank, I have found myself having a slight trait of the second of three types of men described by the writer. I thought it was better not to be the described 'obnoxious' first type who do not humiliate women. But the article proves me wrong. So I have promised to improve myself.
By email


I was deeply touched by the article 'Violating a Woman's Space'. The abuse of women's rights in today's society is an undeniable problem. Women everywhere are harassed indiscriminately. It is very disturbing that people stare at women for no reason 'in a vulgar fashion' as the writer puts it. The only solution to this problem is the observance of the hijab. Only then will today's women find security and comfort in this male dominated world. I leave it up to the readers to find a better solution.
Md Shahanur Rashid
Salimullah Road, Mohammadpur

Electric Cinema
In 'The Electric Cinema' (July 20, 2007) the author talks about the film version of 'Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix' which premiered about three weeks ago and coincides with the release of JK Rowling's last and seventh book of the Harry Potter series, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows'. On July 20, 2007 it was launched in 93 countries and within hours came on top of the Amazon.com's bestseller list. Border, the Michigan-based bookseller, sold 1.2 million copies on the first day. It broke the selling record of Rowling's earlier book 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'. Thanks to the author for giving us a taste of the privileged high class of the West and keeping us up to date with information from the centre of the world.
Kamil Khan
Varby, Sweden

Dhaka University Website
It is a matter of disgrace that Dhaka University's website only has the bare minimum of information and some of the sections are still 'under construction'. In such a leading university, teachers should maintain web pages so that students from home and abroad can contact them easily. Whereas websites of the private universities are very well-maintained, it is a pity to see such a sorrowful condition of the DU website. A good website has so much potential for the university authorities and students. To demonstrate the historical importance of the university and follow suit with other modern universities around the world, DU authorities should finish the 'construction' as soon as possible and ensure its regular maintenance.
Md. Maidul Islam
Department of English, DU

Cricket: With or without talents?
As a Bangladeshi it is quite difficult to sit in front of the TV screen and watch the tigers get trounced every time they play cricket test and ODI alike. The cricketers are making a mockery of themselves but still a few of us hoping for something positive. The most common argument for us is that the tigers have the potential to do well. But are our cricketers giving us anything to be hopeful? They are regularly outplayed in every department of the game. It's often hard for us to look at the scorecard and find a batsman who scored double figures and the bowlers' figures are not worth looking at either. It seems the whole team has been in a patch of bad form since they arrived from the Caribbean. Bangladesh is far from able to play a competitive game of cricket. The tigers really need to take some aggressive steps to improve their game.
Nayeem Islam
The Aga Khan School

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