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     Volume 6 Issue 33 | August 24, 2007 |

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Dhaka Diary

An Honest Life
One day my colleague and I were going to Khilgaon from Segun Bagicha by rickshaw, when we saw a heart-wrenching scene while under the fly over at Shajahanpur. A rickshaw puller was pulling his rickshaw carrying two men, cycling away only with his left arm. He did not have a right arm. After a while, we saw yet another rickshaw puller pulling his rickshaw with the help of his left leg because his right leg was paralysed. So many government-run and private organisations give away awards in many sectors. Why can't these people be awarded for the hardship that they are enduring every day to simply lead an honest life in spite of all the odds?
Md. Muttakin Hasan
Khilgaon, Dhaka

Misusing Power
Last week, I went to Baily road with a couple of my friends to the theatre. Before moving on to our dormitory we decided to a walk, we stopped at a tea stall and ordered tea and snacks. Beside the tea stall, there were some young boys who were talking amongst themselves. Shortly from nowhere a small group of RAB officials came to the scenario and started to beat up the boys who were sitting on the footpath. The boys immediately ran away. One of the boys in the group wearing a Metallica T-shirt turned towards us and cried to us in English, "I told you to run!" For a moment we were speechless. The very next second, a RAB official charged his baton on one of my friends and started beating us up. Somehow we ran from the spot and managed to save our selves. Later on, we came to know that there were reports of eve teasing during school and college hours. Hence, the RAB officials were there to take care of the situation in their very own way, beating some innocent people for mistakes committed by others; absolutely absurd and barbaric. Is this the way the present caretaker government plans to maintain the law and order in the country? I personally used to admire the RAB so much for the role that they play towards maintaining the law and order situation of the country. Is this their way of going about doing their job or do they just have fun watching people run away helplessly?

A shark's tale
The other day I was reading a newspaper at the British Council library. At that time, a bearded middle-aged man came and sat next to me. Even though the use of the mobile phone is prohibited in the library, the man somehow sneaked a phone in and was using it to call someone. He told the man on the other side of the phone that sharks have eaten up the submarine cable, which is why the Internet connection is not working. To my astonishment, he then told the man that he is now in a village in Noakhali and would be unable to meet the man that day. After I heard the one-sided conversation, I laughed to myself and figured how easily a man could lie so blatantly.
Solaiman Palash
East Jurain

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