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     Volume 6 Issue 34 | August 31, 2007 |

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Tempo Wireless Trash Can Saves Files From Deletion

This Tempo design project is a small, recycle bin-like external hard drive that's supposed to save your files from deletion hell. Whenever you delete a file, your OS transfers the file over to Tempo wirelessly, which then keeps the file temporarily until it's out of space. LEDs light up the tempo from the bottom up, which lets you see how full it is at a glance. This one awesome design project that we hope can be birthed in some form or another.

Cordhog tidies your Loose Ends

Is there anything more annoying than stubbing your toe on the side of your bed? Yes there is - all your wires getting in a hefty mess is infinitely more aggravating. Cordhog understands our pain and have devised this ingenious solution. It is a ball like structure that wires wrap around and that is it! Much like football, all the best things in life are pretty simple and this is testament to the solution. It reminds me of those little histone proteins the DNA coils itself around all tight and cute; now we can all have histone wire solutions to prove how incredibly geeky we are.

Palm Centro Leaked

The Palm Centro has been courting much attention lately thanks to a host of blurry pictures and news of its diminutive stature. Today we have the first (leaked) press photo shot of the device and it does not look half bad. The main details are; the device shall run on EVDO and it shall be pitched at the youth market. Further, the full QWERTY keypad will be complimented by a touchscreen and the price will be a speculated, very reasonable, $99. Sprint shall have exclusive rights for 90 days, after the 90 days mark a free for all shall likely ensue. The new picture shows a sophisticated looking device, not only will it be the smallest Treo to date, but the supposed youth market orientation may have been altered from earlier suggestions.

TomTom Rider 2nd Edition Is Out

The new TomTom Rider 2nd Edition, the GPS for bike riders, is finally out in the US and Europe and it looks great. It comes loaded with new features, like its easy-to-setup RAM mount, which fits almost all motorcycles and "withstands rigorous vibration." TomTom says that the included Cardo scala-rider Bluetooth headset allows for total and safe in-helmet spoken control and clear audio.

New Battery Runs on Same Fuel as Geeks - Sugar

Sony has announced a new fuel-cell battery that runs on glucose. It works by breaking down carbohydrates with enzymes, in much the same way as us humans do. It doesn't seem to be ready for release yet, but the video after the jump shows that it's already capable of powering an MP3 player. Sony is claiming 50mW per cell, so it's still not very powerful. Even the MP3 player requires a few devices daisy-chained together, so it will be some time before this is portable enough to be practical.
Bamboo Helmet from Roof is for Eco Petrol-Heads

We've already covered denim crash helmets and now here's a bamboo version from Roof. The shell is constructed entirely from bamboo fibres, and has passed the E22-05 safety requirements needed in Europe. The cost of this limited-edition helmet is $378. There, I managed to use the words wood, helmet and head without even the tiniest bit of innuendo. Are you proud of me, or just very disappointed?

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