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     Volume 6 Issue 40 | October 12, 2007 |

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On Che Guevara
In the complex web of capitalism and ever strengthening imperialism, Che Guevara is greatly pertinent to shatter the chain of indirect slavery and subordination to power, money and aristocracy, which is reflected in the cover story 'The life and legacy of Che Guevara' (October 5, 2007).
In the name of help and co-operation, the industrially enriched capitalists have been grabbing and exploiting the world market as well as curbing the freedom, sovereignty and self-sufficiency especially in the 3rd world countries and Che Guevara must be the milestone for the emancipation-loving conscious fighters.
It is an irony that Che Guevara is used as an icon in the capitalist consumer products which disintegrate young people from the real enthusiasm and inspiration Che Guevara dreamed and implemented through the sacrifice of his life.
Now there is also a limited but powerful existence of some socialist countries in the arena of all encompassing imperialism which is flourishing on a triumphant march both politically and economically and Che is one of the revolutionaries who always reinforce the never-ending struggle for the emancipation from all sorts of dependence and subservience.
Studying and scrutinising the theories and practical work plans of this valorous and ever-struggling dreamer of freedom in the context of our country, we can achieve a great lesson to proceed and enrich our country towards self-reliance, self-dignity and self-control.
Amit Abdullah
Department Of Finance, DU

Dangerous Construction Sites
My heartiest thanks to the writer of View from the Bottom. The premature death of workers at the construction site of multi-storeyed buildings is ignored as mere accidents. But the workers are forced to work under such dangerous circumstances or they lose their job. There are no safety measures at construction sites and deaths occur quite frequently. The building owners are completely indifferent about their fates whereas they are supposed to pay compensation to their families.
Exemplary punishment should be provided to these owners who show indifference about taking safety measures at construction sites.

Environment Awareness

I really appreciate Shohag's bus service air-conditioning, seatbelts, ear phones, water and snacks, polite and attentive bus attendants really a first class service. A few days ago I took the bus to Sylhet. It stopped for Iftar at a quiet place, beside a mosque and boxes of food were handed out. I was really shocked when, after eating, passengers began throwing boxes and water bottles on the roadside. I wanted to clear it up and asked the attendant if he could provide me with a plastic bag or a big carton box to do this. He just said that there was no provision for that and this was 'their habit'!
I would like to request the Shohag management to include in the training of bus attendants awareness of our environment which would include banning passengers from littering the roads. I know this would only be 'a drop in the ocean' but every little helps.
Diane Jennings

Dhaka City Destroyed
Traffic congestion, poor drainage system and bad roads have destroyed the look of our beautiful capital city. Commuters have to consider an extra hour for travelling to their destination because of the unbearable traffic congestion and after a 20-minute rainfall the whole city goes under water. The unplanned rise of hundreds of thousands of slums in Dhaka city is another environmental hazard. And there is no end to the woes of the people living in Old Dhaka. The endless seminars and talks by the authorities have yet to bear any fruit. Dhaka city is gradually becoming unliveable.
Some immediate measures need to be taken - creating job facilities in rural areas, decentralising Dhaka as corporate business centre, taking active initiatives to improve road and drainage system, etc.
This is a wake up call. Things are going from bad to worse. I want to earnestly request the authorities to please bring Dhaka back to life.
G.M. Frahad Kabir (Aabir)
BBA (Marketing), DU

VAT for Schools
Recently, a new rule has been introduced where schools and colleges have been asked to pay a VAT on the tuition fees of students. But, I can't figure out why the students have to bear the VAT.
The tuitions fees of English Medium schools are already way too high compared to the Bengali Medium schools. This adds to the plight of the already burdened middle class people.
The government should take a harder look at the VAT policy they have placed on the English medium schools.
Arif Ullah
Teacher - Green Vale School
Chandgaon R/A, Chittagong

Eid Shopping

It is really unfortunate that while Eid provides a wonderful opportunity for the local handloom industry to thrive, most of the shopping malls all over Dhaka city shamelessly display imported clothes, especially from India. When the shopkeepers are asked to show something nice they invariably take out their glittery clothes and use their favourite trade line, 'this is directly imported from India'. And things that are imported somehow always appeal to most people no matter how unfashionable they are.
Shopping malls should stop selling imported clothes on Eid, or at least keep them to a minimum. Our local materials like khadi and jamdani are much more attractive and fashionable and also gives one a feeling of patriotism.
Fawzia Khan

Due to the Eid holidays the Star Weekend Magazine
will not be published on October 19, 2007. We regret any
inconvenience caused to our readers.

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