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     Volume 6 Issue 48 | December 14, 2007 |

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Some of the letters that I received on my email address that I would like to share with you:

Letter 1
Dear Mr. Chintito
It has been a long time since I have started reading your articles. My concept of the Liberation War matches yours completely. It would be of great help if you kindly help me with the following topics.

1. Why did the Pakistani force surrender to Jagjit Singh Arora of the Indian Army instead of General M. A. G. Osmani who was the Leader of the Bangladeshi force(he is said to be the Muktijuddher Shorbadhinayok!).

2. Personally I do not like the concept of Pakistani artists performing concerts in Bangladesh. I even hate their songs but frankly speaking I cannot justify the reason. It's just that I hate them from the bottom of my heart. Can you please tell me why do you hate them?
Waiting for your reply.
Thanks and best regards
Salman Rahman
(5 December 2007)

I don't hate them as much as I detest our guys going ga-ga over them. We can appreciate something nice, but we should not forget the historical context.
Thank you for your mail.
Take care. Be good.

Letter 2
After the loss of T20 World Cup captain Pakistan in his press conference tried to send a message to the Muslims that their loss will hurt the Muslims around the world because they, the Pakistanis, represent the Muslims of the world. Well it maybe his personal view but to the millions of Muslims it maybe otherwise. How can he be so confident that they are the representatives of the Muslims world and as a result their team should entirely be composed of practicing full faith Muslims only? Once their physio was a Jew and in many occasion Danish Kaneria a Hindu by religion won so many matches for Pakistan as well as their present batting maestro Yusuf (Yohanna) Khan who was a Christian by religion now turned Muslim. How can a Jew, a Hindu and a Christian be representative of all Muslims? Probably a sitting justice [chief?] of Pakistan is also a Hindu by religion does he also represent the Muslims of the world? In the wars that took place between Pakistan and India thousands of Sikh soldiers as well as soldiers from other religions fought for Pakistan in West and East Pakistan, Buddhist/Hindu Muslim all together, do they also represent Muslims of the world? In 1971 what Muslim soldiers of Pakistan did in the then East Pakistan, does also represent the ideology and faith and practice of Islam?

After the T20 World Cup Afridi declared that he won't be available for test against South Africa because he does not want to skip fasting on the month of Ramadan but did he realised that he spent half of the Ramadan while playing in T20 World Cup? He just came to his senses after losing the T20 Cup? Or was it just an excuse to skip the on going test or to capitalise religious sentiment?

But on the other hand Mohammad Yusuf after a deal with PCB chairman agreed to play against South Africa. He converted to Islam and played cricket skipping fasting, taking into account the fact that it is difficult to play cricket while fasting and to me it seems that he practices Islam faithfully.
Dr. Shameem
New DOHS, Mahakhali
(30 November)

Letter 3
Yes I am worried that you continuously try to defame a valiant freedom fighter like Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman, Yes I am worried that people still don't understand that to hail one great leader they don't have to look down on another. And I also believe that if Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman would have been here today he would also have been worried that this sick blame game still thrives in our society.
Md Shahanur Rashid
Salimullah Road, Mohammadpur
(24 Nov 2007)

Dear Mr. Sadaf,
Thank you for your mail.
The letter that I carried in my column last week, and to which I believe you are referring, was sent by another reader, which was mentioned on that page. The spirit of that letter was the trial of 1971 war criminals and not to defame anyone.
Take care. Be good.


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