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     Volume 6 Issue 48 | December 14, 2007 |

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On "The People's Hospital"
As part of its multi-dimensional development programme, Gonoshasthaya with its well-trained staff and highly qualified doctors delivers not only proper and affordable services but also basic health advice to the poor people who have little access to expensive private medical facilities and are victims of the irregularities in public ones.
The participation of women has contributed to the increasing skill, commitment, co-ordination and employment and is facilitating women empowerment, economic stability, self-control, influence on family affairs and other socio-economic variables towards a positive direction.
We hope that more and more institutions backed by the government, national and international agencies will follow its footsteps and come forward to help improve and carry out the concerted efforts for the betterment of our health sector which will enhance the overall performance of manpower and secure a healthy future for us.
Amit Abdullah
Department Of Finance, DU

The Judgement of War Criminals
It is a real shame that even after 35 years of independence we have not managed to prosecute the war criminals of 1971. There is no doubt that Nizami and Mojahid had direct involvement with the war criminals during the War of Liberation. They were involved in heinous activities like looting, raping, killing and informing the whereabouts of the freedom fighters to the occupying Pakistani army. These Razakars were given special opportunities to develop their roots in the soil of Bangladesh by both the Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party for their own political interest.
One can only appreciate the present caretaker government for its courageous attempts to root out corruption from the society. They are very patriotic and toiling away continuously for holding the next free and fair election without the investment of black money. I would like to thank the SWM for its constructive and positive role for Bangladesh.
Amit Das
Department of Sociology, CU

Thank You SWM
Friday is a special day for me. One of the reasons is that I get the SWM on this day. It comes to me, stirring my mind with colourful and informative articles. I would like to thank the author for the article 'After Sunset' (October 26, 2007). It has become a serious problem in the cities of our country. Two of my relatives have fallen in the hands of the muggers during the Eid holidays in two different incidents but fortunately they were not physically harmed. But the crimes are becoming usual occurrences in our daily lives. We need to have stricter law-enforcement to improve this state.
I want to thank the SWM family for serving us with such an excellent magazine, filled with knowledge, entertainment and thought-provoking articles.
Abdullah Al Mahmud

On RU Teachers
The arrest and sentencing of four Rajshahi University teachers was an unfortunate incident. Two years in jail for leading a silent procession, while many other processions have been allowed to take place without any intervention. I agree that teachers shouldn't get involved in politics, but what they did can hardly be said to be 'anti-nationalistic'. Teachers are the real leaders of the nation. They shape the ideals and morals of the students who make the backbone of a country. It is a shame for us as a nation if we put such respected leaders and mentors behind bars.
Faiyyaz Rahman
by email

Moloy Bhoumik Selim Reza Newton Abdullah Al Mamun Dulal Chandra Biswas


I've been studying in Rajshahi University for the last six years and had the opportunity to meet some of the veteran teachers of this university Hasan Azizul Huq, Malay Kumar Bhowmik, Selim Reza Newton, Dulal Chandra Bishwash, Abu Bakar are some of them. From the very beginning I have observed that these teachers have always protested against all forms of anarchy despite great threat. Malay Kumar is a well-known cultural personality and has staged several socially conscious dramas. The other teachers are also popular and highly respected in their respective fields. There is no doubt about their organisational and professional efficiency. Their loyal students and colleagues are greatly concerned about their welfare after their arrest.
I would like to request the honourable Chief Adviser and the Army Chief to show clemency and to acquit them including the four teachers of Dhaka University as early as possible to keep peace in the campus. They are the voice of protest against all wrongdoing. If these teachers are imprisoned or punished, this voice against wrong will stop forever.

Our Education System
No efforts will facilitate the enrichment of the country unless the leaders ensure a developed, up-to-date, and effective education system that is indispensable for proper education. Our leaders should take the responsibility for not developing an effective education system. In the last years we saw that they changed the systems without consulting the scholars and it has caused huge financial losses and created discrimination among the students. Moreover, there has been no coordination in the whole system. Leaders should take long-term and coordinated plans for education. The system is such that only the affluent section of the society can obtain good education.
It is high time to take steps for developing a master plan for the education system which will eventually accelerate the advancement of our country.
S. M. Mokaddes Ahmed Dipu
Department of Marketing, CU

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