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     Volume 7 Issue 1 | January 4, 2008 |

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Dhaka Diary

The whole year through, we seem to be busy spending a lot of time preparing for the many occasions that seem to spring up now and then. Right after Eid, now there are people preparing for New Year's Eve. Very soon, we will be spending money choosing the perfect rose and perfect card for Valentine's Day on February 14. Not to mention, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Women's Day, Pohela Phalgun and Pohela Baishakh to mention just a few. Almost all the days are special now, celebrating them with new clothes, good food and special friends. I guess it's the moments that you get for yourself are the ones worth celebrating.

Ekram Khan
Gulshan -2


I was watching MTV a few days ago, when the face of Anusheh (vocalist of Bangla) popped up on screen. I was surprised and began watching the show with interest. It turned out that the band was being interviewed, along with Buno, Arnob, Andrew Morris and the rest of the band on the sidelines of the SAARC festival. The anchor however ddid not have any idea of the language we speak in our country, because one of her remarks was that she "wished she could speak Bangladeshi.” Now, granted there are differences between the Bangla we use and the one used in Kolkata, but Bangladeshi? My thoughts turned to the academicians who are up in arms about 'Banglish'. Now, they have something else to argue about, whether we speak 'Bangla' or 'Bangladeshi'!

Kazi Sarmad Karim
Bakshi Bazar Lane


It was rush hour when my friend and I were coming back from the license office on a rickshaw. When we were just in front of the Press Club crossing, a reckless bus severely thrust an empty rickshaw. Its right wheel was derailed within a fraction of a second while the age-old rickshaw puller was thrown on the ground. The old man was trying his best to stop the bus though it was a fruitless effort. Everyone standing on the spot could see the horrendous scene but no one could take any step to help the poor man who was by then wailing. Meanwhile, I repeatedly requested the police to obstruct the bus while it was still in sight. But he was busy rendering his duty. The old man was crying bitterly and saying that he has no option but to buy a new rickshaw. It makes me wonder as to how busy we are with our lives that sometimes we just spend time watching the poor and the helpless cry out in frustration, rather than stepping forward to help.

Farhad Kabir (Aabir)
BBA (Marketing), Dhaka University

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