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     Volume 7 Issue 3 | January 18, 2008 |

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365 for 5


It is quite natural for you to want to discuss this week about how the irresponsible utterance of one responsible within, humiliated the government by raising the price of rice beyond the means of most people, OR about how an ad mogul with three years experience as a social club president landed the top job in the ministry of industries so much so that jute factories shut one after another and fertilizer dealers realised what lies are, OR what role one pilgrim had in the sentencing to ZIA 196 common men and women who had paid their hard-earned money to agents and made niyat of performing Hajj, and how he allowed the ill influence of the jote sarkar to continue in good health in the health sector, OR of the appointed harebrained who advised like he was a popularly elected representative and who never shed a tear in public for the eleven that perished meaninglessly in the doomed Bhaban along the aircraft channel and was far from realising that his televised arrogance was one nod away from becoming toothless until the ungracious was given inkling of the thumbs-down at a ceremony he had gone to attend in a flagged car, BUT in thanking the government for the decision to bring down the curtain on the four I would rather not discuss a matter that is a four gone conclusion.

The early wicket that fell to an artefacts bouncer was yet another unnecessary example of how we never listen to the advice of advisers (not necessarily appointed and oath bound, but simple and conscientious citizens) perhaps because positive free counsel is easily brushed under the carpet on the pretext of it being no more than a national passion. Kudos is in order for the law enforcers and their informers who so quickly tracked down the crime to unearth gobor-e padmo phul, if only the priceless piece had not been smashed to pieces.

There have been five changes in the team for the second innings that began only a few overs before 1/11/08. One can only pray and hope for the sake of our collective future that the feat of this XI will be better in the second innings than that of our cricketers last week in New Zealand when they fizzled out for 113 after 134 in the first.



Some of the letters I received on my email address that I would like to share with you. Your letters are always welcome.
We can make friendship with each other.
Take care with thanks.
Mahfuzul. From Chittagong city. (10 January)


Dear Sir,
Excellent for the......FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN...........
I wish and pray that the size of the nail should be above standard, so that one nail can pierce through all the dirty JAMA-KARS [Jamati & Razakars]
Dr Shameem Hassan (5 January)


Hello ch!
Actually I have nothing special to write you now. But I want to know what kind of problems you are dwelling with? And why are you always getting "chintito"? (though it is quite personal). Anyway take care and keep smiling.
Afsana Sabrin Sithi. (19 December)


Dear Chintito,
I hope you do not mind me stealing your name. I have also used it for my blog. I like it so much! If you wish I will not use this 'choddonaam'.
PS. If you wish to publish the poem, I would like it to be published under Chintito Shobshomoy. And I am going through a rough time, I am fighting! I will fight until I die but I will not escape...

"They say ev'rything can be replaced,
Yet ev'ry distance is not near.
So I remember ev'ry face
Of ev'ry man who put me here. …
From the west unto the east.
Any day now, any day now,
I shall be released." - Dylan
...listening to this song keeps me alive! I am an ever changing, ever thinking free bird that has been caged... yet 'I change by not changing at all'

In this lonely crowd it felt good to speak out to someone I do not know and I hope will not 'analyze [me], categorize [me], finalize [me] or advertise [me]'
Waiting for the Arduous Apology of the Accountable
Waiting for you to apologize
Get out of your disguise!
For you have killed the countless heart
Of the fighter, who knows not how to kill.

Just believe that you are sorry
As you can see the Satyagraha
For the generation-71
Is going and not long gone.

For we demand your exile despite the time gone by
And then...

Say it, believe it, and mean it
And forever remain sullied
Admit it, confess it and come clean
For even your suicide will not bring peace
to the Generation-71...
Will never compare to their martyrdom.

Chintito Shobshomoy (17 December)


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